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10,000 Vertical Meters Climbing in August | CRANK101

10,000 Vertical Meters Climbing in August

I created this goal for August that I would climb 10,000m vertical elevation during my workouts. I’ve gone 7,000 before and am ready to ramp up more the next month, only to face some setbacks. Now I’m feeling healthy and I think I’ll be able to pull it off. It’s 10 days into August and I’ve done 3,300m. Right on track, August has 31 days.

This isn’t really so much of a fitness goal as much as it’s a test to see whether my body (knees in particular) can handle climbing that much. Anton Krupicka, one of the world’s top ultra-runners, does 10,000 meters in a week. He’s somewhere around 30 years old and has run since he was 11. I’ve run a lot in younger years but took up cycling for years before I got back to running. That might be to my advantage in the big picture.

So, I’ve been climbing 500m at a time either on the steps up the mountain or on a mountain trail leading to a peak with a great view. I feel good today, a slight niggle in my L knee, but today will probably be a rest day so that should take care of it.

I have a goal for September now already, regardless whether I make this 10,000m vertical this month. I’ll do a 50km walk/run. I just have a burning need to accomplish some physical feats I haven’t ever done before.

You doing anything cool?

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