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The 18 Most Amazing Ultra-Running Twitter Feeds to Follow - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

The 18 Most Amazing Ultra-Running Twitter Feeds to Follow

One of the world's top ultra-runners on Twitter, Ryan Sandes.

I’ve been on Twitter for a few years. I get a tremendous amount of value from it – it’s free – and you can use it as much as you want. I get the most value not from what I say, but from what I read and see there in the form of images and videos from top ultra-runners across the globe.

If you haven’t already, join Twitter and start adding people like me (@aimforawesome) and the following 18 ultra-runners. Then, as you read their tweets, star some of them. Click the star. That marks the tweet as one of your favorites. I do this throughout the day when I’m flying through and I find great links I want to read later. I star them, they go to favorites, later I click on my user name at Twitter and see my home page. Then I click on my “Favorites” link and I have a collection of all those favorited tweets that I can open up and read at once. If you don’t do this, those great tweets become part of a very long stream of tweets that can obscure your hot topics.

Wait! Breaking news… Now, instead of saving to favorites, you might choose to click the pocket thing next to the tweet’s favorite star – and it will “save to Pocket.” WTH is pocket, right?

Pocket is an extension for your browser (a free add-on) that allows you to visit any webpage and if you want to save it later, you click the pocket in the top of your browser and it saves the page for viewing later. Damn, I’ll do a video about this to make it easier. Here’s the link to get Pocket for Chrome browser.

In the meantime, follow these 18 amazing ultra-runners on Twitter:

It might seem like some of the top people are missing from this list. They are.

Many of the best ultra-runners just don’t tweet at all – Anton Krupicka, for one. I wanted to give you a list of those that tweet often and that are interesting IMHO. There are a ton of people that tweet non-stop and it’s overwhelming. There is also the whole non-English speaking contingent who sometimes tweet in English, sometimes not. I left them out with the exception of Kilian. No list would be complete without Kilian – come on!

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