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31 Reasons to Smile Big! - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

31 Reasons to Smile Big!

Thirty One Reasons to Smile Big Today!

Songkran water throwing celebration in Thailand1. Burger King strawberry milkshakes are still being made on another planet and imported.
2. You woke up hungry. And, there’s food available you just have to go get it.
3. You’re not doing hard-time in jail.
4. If you have been to jail you learned a lot about yourself and life and the good news is –
it’s behind you!
5. The world is still spinning causing the sun to rise in the east again today just like the last few million days.
6. You don’t have this problem
7. TVs can still be turned off.
8. Gas isn’t so expensive that you sold your car. Yet. And bicycling to work. Yet.
9. Bush will be out of office in just a few months…
10. Air is still breathable.
11. Water is still drinkable.
12. You can choose to call in sick today if you want to go have fun.
13. You’ve probably got some kind of health insurance.
14. No matter which major grocery store you shop at, chances are they stock your favorite flavor of Haagen Dazs.
15. Starbucks anything.
16. My 22-Day Meditation Course (without religion) e-book in pdf format.
17. UFO’s haven’t taken over the planet yet.
18. You’ve got at least one friend. 🙂 (Hopefully more)
19. You’re smart enough to know coffee in a Styrofoam cup handed to you through the drive-thru was recently boiling.
20. You have
21. These comics. >
22. This video of Thai kids boxing blindfolded – very funny.
23. You can choose to learn about any topic that exists today by surfing online.
24. A can of your favorite soda is still under $1.00.
25. You’ve got a child, a brother, a sister, a mom or a dad. Or a combination of these, and chances are – they love you.
26. Creative Commons at (photos to use on your site for free!)
27. Time is still going at the same rate. One second per second. If it speeds up – THEN you’ll know stress.
28. Two Thai food cooking e-books by Joy at
29. This article about the ultimate happiness >
30. Awesome Photos Index >
31. Inspirational Photos Index >

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