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34 eBusiness Lessons for Entrepreneurs

I’ve got a couple too many online business projects going – but I’m determined to keep all of them moving forward. A baby on the way is the ultimate motivator. If you ever wanted to watch yourself triple productivity and stop procrastination completely – just have a baby on the way!

incanswers-screenshotOver at Inc. Answers I’ve outlined one of my ambitious projects where I’ll create 34 ebusiness lessons to help untrepreneurs become entrepreneurs and have their own online business. This will be the “Primer” kit, and is to precede the 10 Lesson eBusiness PRO Course to be developed shortly afterward.

In my mind there is nothing better than owning my own online business. It’s something I’ve done since 1998 when I was selling nutrition supplements on EBay and making bank.

Online businesses are easy to set up, require little overhead, may qualify you for an office deduction in your own home, and when you incorporate you’re going to protect your personal assets as well as save a ton of money in taxes because anything you buy for the business – desktop, notebook, netbook computer, printer, widescreen monitor, headphones, microphone, camera, etc – are all deductible business expenses. Set yourself up as a Subchapter S (S-Corp) or LLC business and you’ll be doing better next year on taxes than you did this year.

Owning a home business is easy. Setting it up is not that difficult, but, if you’re missing anything you need to know you’re going to think you can’t create your own online business… That’s why I created this 34 Lesson eBusiness Course. Now you have ALL the pieces – the basics as well as some moderately advanced stuff that you may not learn on your own for a long time.

I’ve been creating online businesses for 12 years now. I’ve been doing internet marketing consulting for a decade. I know what the pieces are. I know how to teach them to you – I’ve taught many business owners how to do a lot of this themselves. I know you’ll get so much out of this course that literally you can begin your own online business immediately.

In general this ebusiness course primer will cover the following areas:

Visit Inc Answers to see the full 34 eBusiness Lessons course outline here. Anticipating a July/August release date.

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