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5 Best Outdoor Headlamps | CRANK101

5 Best Outdoor Headlamps

Petzl Nao 2 Headlamp for 2017
The Petzl Nao line of outdoor headlamps, though expensive, are well built have excellent beam characteristics, and are well worth the money. The new Petzl Nao Plus in 2017 is substantially better and offers connectivity to iPhone and other smartphones.

Top Outdoor Headlamps

I’ve been using the first and last of these headlamps in Thailand’s tropical rainforests for the past two years. I’ve been exceptionally happy with them. You cannot go wrong with one of these for sure. The others I have not personally used, but they are used by some of the top ultra-runners and outdoor adventurers on the planet. Add to that, they are quite expensive.

Fenix HP25

  • less expensive than others
  • very bright center spot beam
  • ideal if needed for long-distance spotting
  • 4 – AA batteries last about 3 hours at max for both beams
  • durable and rain-resistant

Petzl Nao 2

  • 1 year of use – works perfectly after 250+ charge cycles
  • perfectly shaped beam for most applications
  • good brightness at 575 lumens
  • Reactive Lighting Technology (RLT) automatically adjusts beam to save battery
  • durable and rain-resistant

Petzl Nao + (Plus)

  • update to Nao 2 above
  • lumens up to 750 max
  • RLT to save battery
  • IOS – Android Bluetooth connectivity
  • durable and rain-resistant

Petzl Tikka RXP

  • second least-expensive option
  • RLT
  • lightweight and ideal for running
  • cheaper than other Petzls above
  • built-in Lithium-ion battery and AAA option

Petzl Ultra Rush

  • very expensive
  • two 2,600 mAh batteries for extra power
  • 6 LED bulbs for redundancy
  • rainproofed
  • built to last forever
  • full review coming shortly – ordered