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A Job You Say You Love? Or, a Job You Really Love?

This man paints murals in Buddhist temples in Thailand for a job. Do you think he really loves his job?
This man paints murals in Buddhist temples in Thailand for a job. Do you think he really loves his job?

There are people that say they love their job and there are people that really love their job.

People that say they love their job:

  • Are usually working for someone else.
  • Are happy with the hours and days they work.
  • Are happy with their holidays.
  • Are satisfied with their pay. They always want more, but are pretty happy to be making what they are.
  • Usually didn’t choose their job – they were hired to do a job that wasn’t exactly what they wanted.
  • Have two weeks of vacation or more.
  • Can’t take a year off and come back to the job even if they’ve saved the money and pre-planned for it.
  • Won’t be paid if they did take a year off.

People that really love their jobs:

  • Started with an idea, a hobby, something they loved to do already like taking photos – and made it work. They turned it into a job that made money for them.
  • Are usually working for themselves.
  • Are happy with the hours and days they work because they choose them. They can choose to change them anytime they want.
  • Are happy with their holidays, but usually don’t take them – they are excited to work everyday and take holidays only when it makes sense to take them. Maybe they’ll take an extended vacation.
  • Are making more than those that are working for someone else. If they put more into marketing and advertising – it affects them directly. What they DO brings more or less income. Not so for those working for someone else.
  • Could probably take a year off – and be paid for it, if they were smart about it and had someone take over that knew all they had to in order to keep it running.
  • Reallllly love their jobs and wouldn’t give them up to go work for anyone else.

Which one are you?

Me? I’m doing a lot of work I love – creating websites like this one to share some of my philosophy on life – and some working for others too.

It’s a nice blend for me. Could I take a year off? Yes, I probably could.

How? I have a few things running that make $ whether I do anything with them or not. Very small income streams – but then, living in Thailand allows for a very small monthly income to take care of basic expenses.

Go get the job, the career, the LIFE you want. If you pulled out a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ paper right now and wrote down 5-15 things you’d need to do in order to transition away from a job where you’re working for someone else to a job where you are running the show like it should have been from day 1…

What would that look like?

Aren’t you curious? I am and I probably don’t even know you!

Probably you’d need to:

  • Start conserving cash.
  • Figure out what you’d be happy doing.
  • Choose a small business to start.
  • Incorporate it (5 minutes of filling out an online form after 3 days of researching which type of corporation fits your plan)
  • Learn something – take courses, read books, research online – much of which can be tax deductible after you incorporate.
  • Find resources that will help you.
  • Run your little business experiment on the side as you work your other job for someone else. When it’s working…


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