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Addictive Sodas: Red Bull & MMax - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

Addictive Sodas: Red Bull & MMax

I’m not sure what is in these things – the taurine maybe that makes these sodas highly addictive.

Back in the states I had a Red Bull (RB) when it first came out. I thought – hmm, different. Almost bitter, but sweet and a tad sour. It was a nice taste – a different taste. I was ready for a different taste I guess, having burnt out on Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper over the years.

The price for one of the small RB cans was outrageous – but maybe that was part of the attraction back then? I had enough money to buy whatever I wanted to drink, so I’d buy one every now and then.

It didn’t take long to become completely addicted to the Red Bull taste and I was buying cases of it and trying to justify the high monthly expense of consuming 2 to 4 cans of the liquid energy per day. I’ve never been addicted to anything in my life before RB and it was a weird state of mind that I was happy to forget when I moved to Thailand in 2005.

When I came to Thailand they too had RB. Well, a version of it. Here it comes in glass bottles and has no carbonation. Plus, it’s sweeter than liquid icing. It’s disgusting really. I went cold turkey and didn’t really even notice it was missing until last week.

Deciding I might need an energy drink to help get me up the mountain twice that day instead of the usual once I grabbed a yellow can of something. It said, “MMax” and I figured it was a Thai energy drink.

When I tasted it – I couldn’t believe. It was a carbon copy of Red Bull, but just a little sweeter and the can was smaller. The price was only 13 baht which was OK, that’s about 40 cents in US cash. I quickly bought 2 more cans just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Nope – it’s Thai Red Bull with carbonation. Now I’ve become hopelessly addicted again. Few places have MMax and I’ve yet to find a case of it somewhere. If I do, it’s MINE.

I justify my addiction by citing the various brainfood and stimulants in the drink. Inositol is actually brain food. I remember that from somewhere, I think I read about it a lot during my triathlon stint. It has B6, B12, B2, caffeine, niacinamide and some other things like sucrose and dextrose.

Whatever this stuff has – it should be ILLEGAL. I wonder how many people are addicted and common-senseless after hooking into these drinks. Must be hundreds of millions?

God it’s delicious though…

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