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And For My Next Trick…

I have been running up the mountain a lot lately, preferring that grueling exercise to anything else I can think of. In July I climbed 7,600 meters of elevation during my runs. That was pretty good. I was thinking for August I’d go 10,000 meters. Anton Krupicka, one of the ultra-runners I keep up with does that in a week. But, it would be a good test for me since I just recently became healthy again after a series of mishaps.

Then today after 3 straight days of climbing I was walking around the park for a break about mid-day. It took 11:20 to go 1.25 km. That was a steady pace that wasn’t hard to hold. I figured if I did 40 laps, that would be 50 km. I’d never gone that far before. Hell, I’ve never gone further than maybe 15 miles of running before, and that was years ago. I’ve definitely never walked further than 15-18 miles while hiking.

And so a challenge was born in my head. Go do 50 km, an ultra distance walk/run. As I walked 7 easy laps today I realized that I just get warmed up after an hour. From there I can run a bit. I think with running and walking, I could do 40 laps of the park loop I do here in town in around 8-9 hours with some rest breaks for urinating and eating, maybe changing shoes and socks a couple of times to stay fresh.

Breathing never goes above normal when hiking / walking on the flat. It’s almost not like exercise. But my feet will hurt eventually and my tendons behind my knees will protest, maybe a lot after 20 miles or so. Not sure. Will find out though.

There is a 12 hour walk in Melaka that I’m considering. That’s Malaysia for the geo-challenged. Oh. I just looked for it, apparently not going on this year. Bummer. My friend Alfred from the U.K. walked in 2010 and got 58 kilometers finished before his leg gave him too many problems to continue.

He was 16th overall to 50 km and he was 71 when he did it!

So, you can see I’ve had some inspiration around here. The real goal isn’t any speed to 50 km, just to do it. Then I’ll set my sites on running an ultra-marathon on the trails in Thailand or Malaysia. I think the real issue is my feet hurting. Maybe could take some ibuprofen or something, after all it’s not like I’m going to give myself a drug-test when I’m finished.

OK then, that’s the goal over the next couple of months… finish a 50 km walk/run at the park on the flat loop. Will keep you updated as that comes to fruition.

Now I just have to talk Alfred into doing it with me so he can keep my pace going strong!

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