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Anton Krupicka - the Simple Life - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

Anton Krupicka – the Simple Life

This is a new video that just popped up on YouTube. I’ve been following “Tony” Krupicka for a while as my ultra-running obsession started a few months ago. Tony seems like a very likable guy, and he’s very accomplished in the sport of ultra-running. I never really had a role-model to look up to when I was younger, so I tended to use athletes to motivate me to do better, do more right than wrong. People like Dave Scott, Scott Tinley, Arnold Swarzenegger, James Fixx, and others – became my childhood heroes because I didn’t have any real-life heroes.

Anyway, at 47 years old I can’t say there’s been anyone I’ve looked up to for at least twenty years. Anton is one of those people I’ve found in the ultra-running community that seems like a solid guy. There are a number of ultra-runners that I think I’d like to get to know on a personal level. Maybe someday in the future. For now, enjoy this video of Anton and his girlfriend as they run and make food together. Quite a different piece of Anton’s life here. Good to see more of the big picture.

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