Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 Trail Running Shoes [I love ’em]

Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 Trail Running Shoes. Grey, charcoal.
Color changed. Even MORE breathable. Snazzy laces. Don’t like the purple.

The new NIKE ZOOM TERRA KIGER 4’s are coming to our planet on July 15th, 2015. Update 2/14/2018 – they are here and you can buy them online. I prefer the v4 to the other v2 and v3 of this line of trail running shoes.

Nike Terra Kiger 4 – new models

Here’s a very quick overview. I’ll, of course, review these shoes as I can find them. I’m road-tripping up to my favorite hole in the wall shoe store about 120 miles from here in two days. Remarkably, they always seem to have the latest Terra Kigers! They had the original 1 and the 2’s before ANYONE else.

Another color – Total Orange / Game Royal

Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 Orange / Game Royal color scheme.
Orange / Game Royal color scheme. I like this color scheme.
Mens Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 - Orange sole pattern.
More pronounced lugs. Kiger 2’s had 40 in forefoot. These have 51, and a completely different pattern – more in a line. Almost like the old Nike Waffle pattern of 1982-83?

Let’s see if that holds true on Friday. In the meantime, here are some photos of other colors and a video to help hold your pants on. What I noticed initially – this version of the TK3 is more breathable. It was VERY breathable already. There seems to be some sort of toe-shield that is more pronounced than on the TK2’s or TK1’s. It’s not all that obvious, but it looks like that hard rubber is creeping up over the front of the toes to provide some protection. Let’s call it minimal protection at best.

That’s all I can say for now, as the video just barely touches the surface. The color shown is a dark grey, charcoal color. That’s probably what I’ll get, though the orange are tempting me now that I’ve looked at them a bunch. Subliminally affecting my mind. Nike, YOU’RE GOOD, even if Salazar was doping your athletes to go faster!

OK, I just pre-ordered the orange ones for $160 USD. Jesus god that’s an expensive shoe made of plastic, rubber and nylon…

Womens Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 in Fuschia Pink - trail running shoes.
Eye-popping color – right? And really it isn’t bad!
Womens Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 in Fuschia Pink - colorful sole
If you thought the upper was colorful…

Full name of this dynamic color scheme?

Fuchsia flash / Bright Citrus / Purple

First View Video: Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 Trail Running Shoes coming stat! (click image below to start video)

I run in the Terra Kiger V2’s at the moment, they are the most comfortable trail shoes I’ve ever worn. See what they have available:


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