Suunto Ambit 4 – Speculation and Rumors 2016-2019

Next generation Suunto Ambit4 runner's GPS watch with everything for 2015.
Suunto’s next version – the Ambit4 is possibly coming in July 2015 if you go by release history. LET’S HOPE THEY HAVE FIXED A NUMBER OF THINGS WITH THE OLD ONES! BNNNT. Buzzer sounded, date passed, and no update yet. Come on – where is the next AMBIT!

(Last update: 14 February 2018)

Ready or not, the Suunto Ambit4 watches are coming out in 2015! 2016! I’ve been saying this since spring 2015 and now it’s already mid-January 2018. Let’s look at when Suunto traditionally puts out new watches:

Suunto Ambit Product Release History:

  • Ambit (black, silver) – 2012
  • Ambit2 (black, silver, sapphire) – 2013
  • Ambit2 R (black, white) – 2014
  • Ambit2 S (white, red, lime, graphite) – 2013
  • Ambit3 Peak (black, sapphire) – July 2014
  • Ambit3 Run (black, lime, white) – March 2015
  • Ambit3 Sport (blue, sapphire, black, white) – July 2014
  • Ambit3 Sport (coral) – March 2015
  • Ambit3 Peak Sapphire in BLUE – November 2015
  • 2016-2018 – anything?

I’m totally on-board with the Suunto sport watches and I wouldn’t wear anything else. I have had some SERIOUS ISSUES with my watch just recently after only 1 year of use.

Here’s a bit about the problems YOU can AVOID by buying a FENIX watch instead:

I picked up the Ambit2 R runner’s GPS watch a couple months back and I have to say – it’s doing its job and I couldn’t be happier. IF YOU HAVEN’T tried Suunto – get one.  Research online to see how many people are having breakage problems. Mine has condensation on the inside of the glass – the watch surely won’t last more than another couple of weeks.

The Ambit3’s have been out a while and are doing well. Every pro runner and his / her kids have one. I don’t think there is a better watch on the market, I do think there are considerable options to buying from Suunto, and I love the customization of the functions, depending on what my exercise of the day is.

There are some features I’m lusting for though in the Suunto Ambit4 (Ambit 4?) which was rumored to be coming out in Winter of 2014, but didn’t make it. Then it was rumored for Spring 2015 and didn’t make it. Just as well, I’m not QUITE ready to upgrade just yet. It will be here by the end of 2015. (Update: Nope. It never came out.)

The rumor mill over at Suunto is a well-controlled beast. I’ve heard little. It’s very hard to get any Suunto sponsored athletes to tell what they know. Nobody has heard anything? OK, Suunto sponsored athlete Kilian Jornet and a couple of others know what’s planned for the 2015 Ambit4, but us common-folk, we haven’t the foggiest. Note, I’ve been combing the news of Kilian and Emilie Forsberg to see if I can catch a glimpse of the new Ambits and I can’t find even one. Do they even have one yet? Hmm.

Which leads me to copious amounts of speculation and day-dreaming about what the next Ambit 4th edition should have. You know, like a watchband that won’t SNAP, glass that won’t PIT, waterproofing that works to keep condensation out, and a heart rate monitor that works more than a year.

Suunto Ambit2-R BROKEN with four different problems.
You know what? It’s getting absolutely RIDICULOUS. This is the 4th major problem with my Suunto watch in 1 year. How long do you think it will last when condensation is under the glass now? This is disgusting…

I came up with a little BIG wish-list below.

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Suunto Ambit4 Must Have Features for 2016:

  • Wireless Updates, syncing with my MacBook Pro, or Samsung Galaxy phone, removing the watch from my wrist is a pain and pulls the hairs on my arm. Recently the strap broke. Do you think I’m going to pay $60 for a new strap? My camera has wireless, this Ambit4 needs it.
  • Built-in Heart Rate Monitor so no strap is needed. Feeling a strap around me as I inhale each time, is less than ideal. Especially because I have to keep it tight or it slides down due to my massive lats! I’d like to have an every night record of my sleep activity too, Sleeping with the strap around doesn’t work, because sleeping on your side loosens the contacts and you have an hour or more where it doesn’t record. No Strap in 2016 – figure out the technology to make it work!
  • Cadence and Heart Rate Tracking while walking around all day. It would be good to know how active I am during non-workout hours. Even the iPod has this. Doesn’t that Nike band have it already too? Seems like a no-brainer to add it to the Suunto without the HRM.
  • Temperature and Humidity Readings, Barometer, Altimeter, Dew Point, and anything else they can shove in there. Ideally, I’d be able to download a weather forecast for a few days at a time and take it with me in the watch.
  • Play at Least 100 MP3’s. Give it 4GB of memory so we can add a bunch of music.  Add wireless Bluetooth headphone capability too.
  • The next Ambit 4 watch should function as my Mobile Phone too. No need to carry both. Yeah, I know, but in 2020 we’ll have this.
  • Easily Interchangeable Batteries OR a battery that lasts 2-3 full days at the most accurate GPS settings – pinging every second. Come on man, the weight of the watch doesn’t matter that much, make a massive battery on the other side of the strap, the top side without the GPS unit, you can easily double or triple the current battery life with that move! This is essential in my view – drastically increasing the battery life.
  • Make Each Display Row as Big as the Middle Row. And, Suunto can knock it down to just 2 rows of info for all I care. I don’t need 3, but if the watch face is going to get bigger in size, then 3 rows would be great. I’d love to see crucial information in a quick glance, not stare at it for 3 seconds before I can decipher it with the small info rows they have on there now. It’s easy to read when stopped, but while running – near impossible.
  • Drastically increase the contrast so numbers can be seen under the rainforest canopy without using the backlight. Another thing, the contrast is very weak, so jacking it up will improve readability 100% without doing much at all. Forget about fashion – and just make this next watch usable. Focus on usability, please!
  • Remove the Bezel and give us a Bigger Watch Face.
  • Increase the Durability of the HRM. My heart rate monitor died after about 10 months. Unacceptable.
  • Increase the Durability of the Watch Band. My watch band snapped before a year of use. Unacceptable.
  • Increase the Strength of the Display Glass. My glass is pitting and a year hasn’t even passed. Come on man…

That’s about it. I mean, add in all the other features my Ambit2 R already has, and let’s make this happen!



Here’s my latest response from Suunto Customer Service regarding my question about when the Ambit4’s will be out:

Dear Vern,

Thank you for contacting Suunto Customer Support.

We are sorry for the delay in our reply.

With regard to your inquiry, we do not have information available about it.

We kindly suggest that you keep posted on our website for the latest updates and news.

Thank you for your understanding.

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

We would highly appreciate if you could answer to a short survey regarding the quality of our customer support. It will take only 2 minutes.


Suunto Customer Support Representative



Do they really want me to go to a customer service survey and tell them their response did absolutely nothing for me?

Doubt it. So apparently, they are keeping a tight lid on the Ambit4’s if there even is one. As time ticks away here I am more and more compelled to go check out what Garmin is developing.

Their response, “we do not have information available about it,” is a bit worrying. If they don’t have information on it, who does? Maybe a better response would be something about their engineers are always working on the next iteration, and blah, blah, we expect a release date before the end of 2015. I mean, if they have no information, then maybe they’re not planning a successor at all.

My honest feeling is that Suunto is not planning a completely game-changing Ambit this go-round. It will be a watch very similar to the Ambit3, and it will add something like better notifications from cell phones on the watch display. Hopefully, we’ll get vibration alerts or some token, but I’m guessing the Ambit4 will be a watch that is nearly the same as the version before it. I think the market is ripe for another company to step in and start making a watch that matches what people want. From our survey – there are numerous things people are agreeing upon as necessary for their next watch. Battery life anyone? Let’s see how much battery life increases in this next watch. I’m guessing – very minimal increase, or none.

I sound a little negative at this point, don’t I? lol…

So, I wrote them again. I said, “If you don’t have information about it, then who does?”

They wrote back:

Dear Vern

Thank you for contacting Suunto Customer Support.

We apologize for the misunderstanding.
What we mean is that, we do not have information yet whether an Ambit 4 will be available in the market.
It means if there will be a an Ambit4, we will be the first to know about it and it will also be posted on our website.

Thank you for you understanding.

What I get from that is:

  1. There might not be an Ambit4 coming at all, maybe they will rename it or start a new line altogether.
  2. Someone’s English needs proofed before the emails go out.


My Suunto Ambit2 R is absolute JUNK. I haven’t had an electronics product over the last 15 years that has had as many FAILS as this watch. Initially – I absolutely LOVED IT. I loved the functionality, the look was fine, I thought it was tough and could last for 10 years.


Latest problems – Heart rate monitor died before 1 year was up ($70). Watch band snapped after absolutely NOTHING strenuous at all. It was like the plastic was just defective and decided to break in the middle of putting it on one time ($60!). There is PITTING IN THE GLASS. It isn’t a break, crack, or chip, it is pitting – like the glass is being eaten away by the atmosphere here. Our air is pretty clean here in KRABI THAILAND so, I’m guessing the glass is horribly defective.

LATEST PROBLEM – JUST TODAY! At the top of my usual 500 m gain climb, I looked at the watch and was sickened to see there was a layer of fog inside the glass! I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! THIS IS THE LAST STRAW. I’ll be making a video about all the problems with this watch TODAY because I’m so disappointed. This is about 1 old. Maybe just less. That is really a sad comment on the state of these watches.

LATEST LATEST PROBLEM – the strap broke AGAIN. Now it’s sitting in my bag with condensation, strap broken in 2 places, no heart rate monitor because that broke months ago, pitted glass on the watch face, and I’m fucking done with Suunto products.

Update 11/2015 – the world has been waiting for an Ambit4 since July 2014. It is not happening this year. How do I know? Suunto just tweeted on twitter – they created a blue Ambit3 Peak Sapphire. WTF? Right, I know. But at least now I don’t care. They can keep their products, I’m buying another brand for my next $500 watch.

Update 1/7/2016 – Suunto didn’t release any new Ambit4 in 2015, and maybe not in 2016 either. What they’re doing instead is splitting up the Ambit line into different specialty watches that is each focused on one small aspect. Ambit3 Vertical. Yeah, seriously. They’re going to take all the features of the Ambit3 and break them down into separate watches! NUTS!

Update 7 September 2016 – I added a new Suunto Ambit2 R review video from DialedTech Video Reviews on YouTube.

The company couldn’t be more ridiculous at this point. It’s an absolute horrorshow. I’m looking for Garmin to absolutely TAKE OVER the entire WORLD MARKET for GPS sports watches. Heck, if Apple just makes a waterproof watch that is fairly rugged, I’ll buy that. I’m already looking  at $120 Timex Ironmans. I could have bought 3 of them instead of my lame Suunto Ambit2 R!

The clock is ticking for Suunto. They don’t have enough business sense to make it past 2018. They should just go back to dive computers because they’re lost in this new world.

If you have a Suunto Ambit and you’re considering upgrading to the Ambit 4 – maybe seriously reconsider. Start reading other stories about how other athletes’ watches are falling apart – and maybe seriously reconsider!


Vern Lovic, MA
Suunto lover, turned hater… lol.

101 Replies to “Suunto Ambit 4 – Speculation and Rumors 2016-2019”

  1. Vibration alerts. It would be nice for swimming, because you cannot hear the sound ones

    1. I spoke to Suunto customer service last week and the gentleman informed me that they will be coming out with some very cool watches before year end! I am rocking an original t6 and needed a new band. It still works perfectly, however. I get the GPS and route info on my iphone. I am also using a fitbit as an activity tracker, which has vibrating alarms and alerts for calls. My wishlist for the Ambit4 would be:
      – vibrating alerts (customizable re: sms, app alerts, calls from favourites, etc)
      – activity / step tracking
      – sleep tracking
      – some rudimentary heart rate monitoring for activity tracking, which would better calculate calorie consumption / exertion / sleep restfulness – I understand that a chest strap is necessary for running / biking / hard exercise, as the watch tends to move around on the wrist, resulting in inaccurate HR readings.
      – an improved Movescount app that can deliver fully customizable audio feedback/alerts
      I hope Suunto can work its magic. I am ready to upgrade my watch, but the Fenix offers way better features (right now). I want to stay with Suunto.

      1. Marco, you’re the best for dropping that comment. Thanks much. I will have to call them and say I’m curious about when the next Ambit4 will be released because I need to make a decision quickly about either upgrading my Ambit2 R or just going with Fenix too. They’re being very secretive about the next iteration – aren’t they?

        I agree with your wishlist. And, I hope they go way beyond too. Innovation, revolution, not simple upgrades!

        1. I agree. I am planning to get the Fenix 3 instead of the Ambit 3 Peak. I have loved Suunto for the past 18 years, but Garmin has done a great job for the same price. Unfortunately, love doesn’t provide the data Fenix3 does, nor solve the problems Ambit 3 Peak has ( no way to get any notifications on the watch, no matter the update they release)

          1. I thought the peak gave notifications from iPhone anyway. No? I haven’t kept up with it much because I knew I wasn’t buying the Ambit3. Did you read my latest exchange with customer service about the Ambit4? Maybe it isn’t coming at all. I’ll look at the Fenix today.

            Anybody want to buy my Ambit2 R with pitted glass, broken strap, and broken heart rate monitor? Special price. lol.

    2. And in noisy areas the beep is just not loud enough; a vibration option is the way to go.

      1. Or when your ears haven’t popped because at altitude, or just came down from it – and can’t hear the beeps at all. Vibration!

  2. I hope it will be opened to third party Apps…it should become a smartwatch with suunto style.
    Absolutely important is music storage.

    1. I’d love music storage, but I don’t think even ONE Suunto watch has that, do they? I wonder if they’re going to keep focusing on basic watch functions, or start to move toward some of the other smart-watch options. Music, vibration alerts, and a much clearer display – 2 lines instead of 3 would be great. A battery that lasted for days running GPS 1-second pings would be great too. Wait and see I guess.

      1. Hopefully this should change now YomTom have just announced their new sports watch that has 4gb music function with Bluetooth headphones 🙂

        1. I think Suunto has to be afraid to release something at this point. They’d better choose the right features, or a lot of people are going to Jump Ship and move on to another brand that has more of what they want. Why shouldn’t we at 500-600 for a watch?!!

  3. Mio style heart beat sensor would be great (today I use the mio fuse as alternative hr sensor for swimming. Works great in combination with the ambit 3 ).
    Garmin style vibrations for swimming.
    Apple Health Kit integration …….

    1. Yeah, I wonder about the Apple watch integration… and whether Apple will come out with a tougher watch that competes with the Suunto line at all.

  4. I think it would be nice if it came with a colour screen to better visualize different measurements, and an Analog Watch Face to make it look more like a standard watch when you are not doing sports

    1. I think I’d agree in some circumstances, but I’d love to be able to switch back to the black and white high contrast style for getting info WHILE I am running. I just can’t see color screens working all that well for very quickly getting information. I never saw a color screen that amazing yet. They’re coming. I don’t know if they’re coming for the Ambit4 or not. I’m betting against it. 🙂

  5. Sunnto can steal a march as Apple’s watch doesn’t appear to have an affinity for water (how did they miss that necessity?)

    My wish list is simple: a thinner Ambit4. Everything else is spot on!

    1. I do bang the heck out of my Ambit2 R, so yeah, if they made it thinner, that would also work for me. I don’t count on it though!

  6. So, my big wish is solarization supplying, Casio is able use that, why doesn’t Suunto do that? Or better optimaization of energy consumption. 50 hours is to lack (1s GPS tracking).
    – Next option, to take incoming calls
    – More information on one screen (temperature, time, ascent, HR or distance or range/time to the end). I think to make an option specifying what the parameter will be with big font or small, depend’s on my priorities.
    – Agree with the vibration (achievement the hr, calorie, some time or else)
    – The transmission of music but by wireless (watch/phone vs headset)
    – Some option set up to track, points alarms example on the phone app (outdoor environment) and synchro/export via wireless with the watch

  7. I add wish, or Suunto must to do:
    – Improve display reaction in cold environment in -10C deg. Is terrible reaction on my X6Hrt
    – Improve quality straps (often breaking)
    – Add an option in case emergency from watch sms with short text and gps position, or 2nd, 3rd with customizing text (examp: I’m on the place, i’m fine..)
    – An option using external temperature sensor
    – Using Android app functionality without net connection on Suunto movecount

    Fenix 3 is great competitor, i love his colour curve with temperature, elevation, goings barometric pressure.

    I expect from ambit 4 the fenix3 functionality and more features, otherwise I go to Garmin.

    1. Excellent ideas! I’m in Thailand, so cold isn’t something I ever dealt with, but I see your points. Thanks for the great comment.

  8. L’idéal serait comme la fénix concernant les entraînements fractionnée..
    C’est pour cela que je suis passé chez Garmin.

  9. – Electronic Ink interface, so that it can last weeks without recharging.
    – Activity tracker.
    – Multiple alerts in sports (e.g., every 1k AND every 10min).
    – Vibration.

    1. Electronic ink – like the Kindle! Yeah. Perfect. A white background and VERY legible graphics, no matter how small. That’s the real problem with the Suunto watches now – the contrast between the numbers / other info and the background is not all that great. With e-ink, it is extreme! Great idea. I really hope Suunto is reading this thread…

  10. A build-in watch heart rate sensor makes no sense as it will be less accurate.
    Same story for wrist blood pressure monitors are less accurate than blood pressure monitors for upper arms.

    I hope Suunto will add a huge storage or the ability to insert your own (up to 128GB) microSD card.
    Great for unlimited POI’s.

    Also, Vibra Alert (one of the most requested features since Ambit 1).

    Virtual Partner.

    Virtual Racer.

    I hope Suunto will add that too or at least let us able to create apps to do the same.

  11. Non of those fancy smart watch features for me, i want an accurate & reliable outdoor sports watch.
    Vibe alert
    better & more complex workouts.
    basic maps maybe
    at least improved navigation
    longer battery life at 1 sec gps
    bigger better display
    more comfortable to wear

  12. My wishlist includes:
    1. Taptic feedback for notifications (incl. notifications from my mobile)
    2. Sleep tracking
    3. A revised chest strap for the HRM that fits more like a shoulder holster, so it won’t slip down while swimming

    1. Sleep tracking is something I’d like too. Or, just beef up the strap so it doesn’t get all dorked up as I sleep. I’ve used the heart rate strap while I’ve slept to record my heart rate and respirations, and apparently as I slept and rolled I pulled part of the strap too hard. It ended up dorking up the elastic in that part of the band. 🙁 Not good.

      Re: your #3 – and also make it double as a gun holster – right?

  13. I’m still rocking the first Ambit and really love it. I mostly use it for hiking/trekking/mountaineering and cycling. A lot of times I upload GPS tracks from one of the local internet sites that has some nice hiking trails to my movescount and transfer them to my watch – what I’m missing here is the altitude profile from those tracks on my watch when I’m in navigation mode … it’s great that I can see the track profile from a birds perspective, but knowing how much altitude I need to gain would be very helpful.

    So this is a list of features I’m missing:
    – elevation profile for uploaded routes and an indication where on that profile I currently am
    – more options for data display during exercises
    – better battery (15h is still good for 1s GPS tracking)
    – PLEASE PLEASE none of those gimmicky features the poster and some others requested – like phone calls, SMS sending, music playback, etc. … it’s a sports watch, not a fashion accessory. The Ambit3 is bad as it is with the BT connection to the phone and peripherals, don’t make it worse.

    1. I’m not sure I’m with you on the phones not connecting with the watch. I don’t really want to carry a phone as I run, but since I don’t have a choice and if I’m in trouble that phone is a lifesaver, I’ll continue to bring it. It might as well link up with my phone. That said, I look forward to the day when the watch IS the phone and I don’t need to carry the stupid rectangle with me wherever I go.

      Bettery battery? I’m definitely with you there!

  14. To Jaka
    I agree with the datas about elevation.
    Example: I’m ski touring, trail running and my race has a lot peaks and overal elevation. I need to know where I’m currently on my track(graphic with elevation profil and track length, what ist the rest to the next/overall peak/waypoint regarding elevation and length).
    Of course is good to know what the numbers are to end the race(rest overall elevation, or rest length race). It could help me toward organize my break, or food or strength, or what the tempo can use to the finish.

    Regarding smart funkcion. 2 times has broken my display (expensive repairs) during checking sms, or incoming call(I didn’t know if important call/sms or not when is phone in bag).
    Next is emergency sms. When is -15 or wet, strong wind my finger is not able to operate display on my phone.
    But short sms for family that I’m fine on peak or in safety could be fine. But then in case threat (-15deg, wet, wind, sweat) send short sms about my critical position with gps can safe my life or my friends. Of course if is gsm signal for my cell.

    Just now I’m usin on my trail runnig my android gps and aplication (the first is to schedule the track and import to the smartphone). But often checking position , navigation is non practise and abstain myself.

    Have got someone some info about releasing new A4, or if Suunto takes an interest in some reminders or features from this thread?

  15. Needs combined U.S. gps and Russian Glonass capability for quick position fix, which the new Garmin Fenix 3 already has.

  16. I wish for an accurate temperature sensor built onto the top side of the casing (strap line & above) in order to remove it from reading my BODY temperature! A fundamental flaw on every Ambit designed to date! Whilst walking snow covered mountain ridges at 11,500ft in -10c, my watch tells me its +32c!? Errr, NO Suunto!

  17. GPS based lap timer. Racing/practicing at various tracks, I’d like the watch to split out my laps without expecting me to have a chance to hit a button every time I come across the line. Polar watches already have this feature.

    1. I think my Ambit3 R has this. It activated one time automagically and pizzed me off because I didn’t want it. Maybe it was something else and I didn’t understand what it was doing. I think it was a function controlled by the settings in Movescount. That’s how you have to change it. Anyone else know what we’re talking about?

  18. Skip all the bullshit. It’s a GPS watch, not a smartphone! Make the GPS accuracy that good that you get the real distance, even when making 90 deg turns. No lagging dead-reckoning when reception is a bit less in dense leaf cover. So you can put your orienteering tracks on a map without post-processing.
    And add a virtual competitor that runs a pre-programmed track, comparing yours with its location, and showing your relative position. That works much more accurate than just an odometer, so you can run that marathon and finish at exactly the planned time (and not be surprised by an additional 200 meters due to GPS inaccuracy).

    1. I’d love to have the virtual competitor too. Most times most of us are funning alone I’d bet. It would be really nice to have it!

  19. The one thing stopping me from buying an Ambit is I want 4 data fields on one page. Got used to it with my 310XT and don’t see any reason to compromize on that one.

    1. That was a massive glass face, yeah? Four data fields on the little Suunto Ambits and you’re going to have an impossible time seeing during rain, night. Yeah?

      1. When V800 is able show 4 datas field including graphic icons why Suunto not?

        I like screen polar V800 with 4 datas line and different size of font (the big is used on important numbers data.

  20. I would like to have
    – vibration function
    – show route as a map or at least as a line on the display. Even my Garmin Forerunner 205 has this feature and I find it very helpful when running routes.

    1. I’d love vibrations too. Not sure WHY they don’t have this yet. Hope it’s coming!

  21. I would like to see a slimmer, lighter watch with more battery life. No mp3, no phone calls. Do not diversify too much! Keep it an excellent sports watch as it is.

  22. Love my Ambit2 black. To make it absolutely perfect, Suunto needs to add vibration, wireless bluetooth syncing and the ability to customize screens through the watch and not just through Movescount. I have no idea why they didn’t add any of those features in the Ambit3 but hope to see them in the next iteration.

  23. I agree, the main objective should be to improve the battery life by dropping the in-watch GPS and using an external GPS linked by Bluetooth – something that can be clipped to a shirt, helmet, backpack, etc). This will give a slimmer and lighter watch, with a much longer battery life and it will come with better GPS tracking as the external device can be positioned better to detect the satellites.
    Ideally both devices (watch and GPS) should have rechargeable batteries but replaceable lithium batteries for the watch would also be acceptable.

    Agree that, vibration alerts and more memory would also be useful.

      1. Done.
        I didn’t select the in watch HRM because I think the chest strap will be more reliable but if you meant for this to be in addition to, or as a backup to, the chest strap (especially for sleep tracking or recovery tracking) than it would be a nice addition.

        I would also have added wireless charging to the list and thereby do away with all cables. Alternatively replaceable lithium batteries would be good but only if the power hungry GPS is off watch and if they incorporate a battery meter for the lithium. My T6d gave no warning when the 2032 battery was low, it just started recording incorrect data – very annoying.

        1. Yeah, nothing like going to sleep with the heart rate monitor strap on and checking how you slept… I found my heart rate climbed to over 240 beats per minute. I’m 49. I think I’d probably have died in my sleep. The bad data is horrible with these when the batteries start dying, or the strap is defective. Worked fine for months, then all the sudden – dead. Agree too on the in-watch HRM as a backup for the strap if they can’t figure out how to make an in-watch HRM that works. Other companies have them. I think it’s probably accurate enough, or will be very soon. I do like having the respiration data though… hmmm.

  24. My Wishlist for the Ambit4 Peak

    * larger capacity battery
    * lose the bezel or square off the watch face to give a larger display
    * thinner
    * movescount integration with HealthKit

    Currently I use a miolink with the Ambit3=swimming awesomeness!

    1. Thanks FBen – losing the bezel… this is something I’m dying for – more space, better display… I REALLY hope they do it, but I doubt it. Let’s see what happens. They might even skip 2015 for an update as their heads must be swimming about which direction to go with all the possibilities.

  25. Like others stated, ability to link in to Android as well as Apple.

    Solar/rechargeable battery. No good going on a mountain climb/job and running out of juice.

    Music/phone integration. Got to have this in order to compete companies producing their smart watches, who like Apple will want a piece of the very tech market, e.g. The apple sport watch.

    Sleep monitor.

    Easier ability for apps to be developed.

    A diet input app. E.g. The watch calculates your exercise as well as what food you intake.

    Shock absorption, like g shock. For an outdoor fitness watch, it doesn’t really hold up too well at present.

  26. Previously, Virtual Pacer/Racer would have been a big one for me. However, I think now Strava Live Segments (like those on the Garmin Edge devices) would be a killer feature.

    1. Thanks man, I just looked those up, not having been familiar with them before. Very good feature!

  27. Tomorrow it’ll be November and still no news. Conclusion – there will be no Ambit 4 in 2015. 🙁

    1. Right on man. Yesterday I saw on Twitter, Suunto tweeted about a peak sapphire ambit3 in blue. Come on… so right, there won’t be any Ambit4 this year, and probably not first quarter of next year if they’re still screwing with the Ambit3’s!

      1. they will probably be working on the ambit5 to some degree already. r&d will be in parallel if their team is being enough. *IF* !!

  28. look at the new TRVERSE and KAILASH (I haven’t ) – are they the same as the ambit3 (probably). suunto will be getting max revenues out of the current form factor. not sure if suunto are private company or not? if they are listed they absolutely WON’T be able to leak info out before notifying investors (that’s what Garmin have to do…except when they leak it 🙂 )

    maybe march/april 2016?

  29. Hello guys!

    I talked to a suunto premium seller today and he told me some interresting stuff!

    There will be no Suunto Ambit 4 in the nearly future, because they will produce a new line and replace the ambit with a lot of new features. At the moment he knows that it will look like the Suunto Traverse and it will have a colour display.
    The Release should be may or june 2016!!!

  30. I love the ambit3 and agree with many of the comments above. Movescount is great for me. However I don’t think suunto have the hardware/software resources to release a feature-leading ambit4. It’s too much of a leap for them, maybe for polar too with the V800v2, so they will have to appeal to specialist niches/segment IMO. Hence maybe why they recently were the first to ‘properly’ support STRYD.

  31. Hello everybody,
    My watches which I had were the Ambit 1 to 3 Peak – 3 months since I switched to the Garmin Fenix ​​3 and what should I say – absolutely happy – large color screen (high resolution), configuration via clock , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and etc … perfect workmanship and regular updates – interface on the PC / Mac is also great. My tip : CHANGE IF YOU CAN.


      1. UPDATE – SUUNTO CUSTOMER SERVICE SAID THEY NEVER REPLACE A WATCH WITH AN UPGRADE – unless that old watch has been discontinued. HA! I haven’t seen a company with its head so solidly up its own as* in my life.

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  33. I have one Ambit 3 Peak Saphire (which it is suposed to be the top of the Suunto brand) for one year. Many quality problems : condensation in the inner part of the glass that doesn’t allow to see the figures, one new strap every 6 months, one chest strap per year…………
    Really desapointed. I’m waiting for one answer regarding the condensation issue from the official after sales service . I will keep you informed about the answer.

    Does some one have the same problem??

    1. My strap broke in 2 places! Broke once. I tied it together. The other side broke 2 weeks later! Heart rate monitor chip broke about 6 months after buying. Noticed the pitting of the glass after 6-8 mths. Can’t remember. Noticed the condensation under the glass a couple months ago. VERY DISAPPOINTED AND I HOPE SUUNTO UPS THEIR GAME TREMENDOUSLY OR OTHER COMPANIES WILL CREATE SOMETHING BETTER. (NOT TOO DIFFICULT AT THIS POINT!)

  34. I finally got an answer from Suunto after sales service here in Spain. They recognized my device had a leakage issue that made the condensation appear under the glass. They said that they will give to me a new unit for free .

    The answer has been very fast.
    Taking in account that there are many chats with complaints from many Suunto Ambit 3 owners dealing with that fog, and even in their official website Suunto talks about this problem, I think this could be a design or manufacturing issue that they should avoid in future releases.

    In any case I am happy with the answer given by Suunto. Hope the new device won’t fail.

    1. They want me to send my unit from Thailand to some service company they have in another country that isn’t even their own. Then they want to bill me for the problems. NO THANKS! They want to bill me for where my strap broke on BOTH SIDES. They want to bill me for glass which is pitting – it means it’s dissolving for some reason. They want to bill me for a heart rate monitor that quit in under a year. NO THANKS CLOWNS!

    1. It’s broken troll. I took it to the watch store where they replaced the battery with a new one after showing me it works in another device. Go buy yourself a Suunto watch, you deserve the karma.

  35. I have had both Suunto Ambit 2 and now 3. Couldn’t be happier with the product and service. I use it for running, mountaineering and swimming. With the Ambit2, there was a problem with the cadence measurement; however, it got replaced instantly!

    1. Some people get lucky. Apparently you were treated better by customer “support” than many other people. They still haven’t got their act together because I got an email last week and they still haven’t hired an English speaker to write their response letters. I can’t even figure out what one sentence is supposed to mean. Hope your watch doesn’t die soon too. Get it?

  36. Hi,

    I bought the A2R on April last year. Was great.. strap still ok, no condesation or anything, hardware still good. Maybe the battery isn’t what it used to but hey still rocking solid. The only problem I had was software. Sometimes the watch like to hang while on my training or racing. Its just freeze and when u try to start it again..the display shows multiple you’re basically screwed.. I had to do the force firmware update but it specially irritates me when it doed on race gonna wait for that freaking A4! Btw this is the best place to get the info..thanks!

    1. Your problems are ready to begin. After 6 months is when my strap first broke. Then it broke again. Then the glass is pitting – dissolving. Then there is condensation under the glass. This Company, and it’s products – suck. Google “Broken Suunto Strap” and see what you find? Your luck cannot hold out for long my misguided friend! haha. 😛

      1. Haha, so any suggestion? what are you wearing for running now?

        1. I found a band for $19 on Ebay. And, I bought the goddamned heart rate monitor AGAIN. The glass is still cracked/pitted and I get condensation under the glass every now and then. I don’t have money right now to buy another watch – unfortunately.

  37. We definitely do NOT link to Suunto’s products from this blog dude.

    1. Lol. Sorry DUDE!!! I was just putting a link to the new Ambit3 Vertical to prove that we are not even close to see a new Ambit model!

  38. hi, wich GPS sportswatch advise me to buy at the moment?
    i’m looking initially for Ambit3 Peak, then i decied to wait for Ambit 4 but after reading what is written in this blog I do not know what to do …

    1. I cannot tell you what to do either, but I know what NOT TO DO! Go elsewhere for your watch man. It’s the only option.

  39. When you pay for a Suunto watch you actually pay for the service as well. EXCEPTIONAL! 2 times i contacted them, two times i got a new watch in one week’s time. And guess what. Second time my Ambit 2 had a problem i sent it to them and 1 week later i had a new one. A new what you say? Ambit 3! That’s how Suunto works and that’s why they are so appreciated. They never bother to repair your watch unless it is something extremely easy. They just send you a new one, no questions asked. And it’s not my opinion, everyone i have ever talked about Suunto has similar experience with their outstanding service. Having said that, i don’t know if this kind of service only applies in Europe. Maybe they can’t do the same for USA customers.

    I don’t think Suunto has the best watches on the market. But i know that no matter what happens with my watch i will get a new one from them just like that.

    PS: They do that even after your 2-year guarantee is over. Now find me a similar company in any kind of product and i will gladly admit that i am overselling their service.

    The preceding was complete and utter bullshit. I told you in the article that their customer service sent me a note saying they ABSOLUTELY NEVER SEND AN UPDATED WATCH FOR AN OLDER MODEL WATCH! This guy is a disinformation specialist trying to plant bullshit on this website – and I won’t have it. Go away dumbass.

  40. Spoke whit a Suunto representative who told me that it will be out in May/16. Didn’t get any details

    1. I think nobody cares any more. hahah. I mean, I sure don’t.

  41. I think, as others have said, that Suunto is in danger of being left behind – for running watches at least. I have the Ambit and Ambit 3 and my biggest complaint is the charging/downloading solution. The clip pins on the connecting cable stop working very quickly – I’ve had to buy several new connecting cables which is really bad for such an expensive watch. I really want to stick with Suunto because the build quality of the watch itself is great and the basic GPS function is good plus their customer service is excellent but if they don’t introduce wireless connectivity then I’ll go for another brand.

    Other more minor wishes would be a colour display with options for different watch faces for use when not running (like the iWatch or Fenix), bigger screen and a more intuitive interface – Apple of course are masters at that. For example, I can never remember how to set the watch up to record a run and follow a route at the same time and always end up just trying different buttons to enter the options mode. Finally, a slimmer profile would be good – I’ve given up trying to wear my Ambit to work because it doesn’t fit under my shirt cuff!

    1. Thanks for your excellent comment. Apple and Garmin are maybe going to destroy Suunto and leave them in a puddle of their own nervous sweat.

  42. Is any news about release A4? Yesterday have heard that new model will not come before summer 2016. It is very bad news for me and realy thinking Fenix watch.

    Here is strange to see development competitions (integrate hr senzor in watch, colour display, or wifi connection, details evaluations your running) and suunto is back. I’m dissapointed from suunto policy.

    Here is speculation if present models are very well selling or suunto develops something superb and great. Or suunto doesn’t catch the evolution of competitor

    I’am suunto fun since 2009 but my rapture curve is going down

    1. Suunto is playing some ridiculous game with their strategy on new watches. Doesn’t matter to me, the watch I had was shit and they didn’t stand behind it. I’m gone, and a FENIX is next. Let’s see if they care if I spent $500 with them. Look at some of the other comments, FENIX buyers are happy as hell. Suunto is for elites – which they take care of. Everyone else can go suck eggs as far as they’re concerned.

  43. I bought my first ambit 3 last fall, it never reliably synced to my new Android phone reliably. I returned it for a new Ambit 3 Sapphire. This synced to my phone intermittently but at least I could use Movescount to analyze my workout data, albeit rather awkwardly as syncing was always a struggle. A new software “upgrade” in January 2016 fixed that, however, and completely eliminated any possibility of syncing to the phone and getting data from a workout to Movescount. THEN, the barometer, altimeter and thermometer died. Needless to say, I returned it and vowed to never touch another Suunto watch. I got the new Fenix 3 HR, this thing truly embarrasses the Suunto, it frigging rocks. Seamless syncing, fabulous array of apps and widgets available, wrist based heart rate monitor, notifications work…the list of things that it does that the Suunto never did is quite long.
    Suunto needs to kick their CTO’s butt down the street. Instead of coming out with a functioning Ambit 4, they gave us customizable color designs for the Ambit 3…..#@&!@%÷!
    What a huge disappointment from Suunto.

    1. I am following you as soon as this thing doesn’t turn on any more. It was too expensive just to change now. With the condensation issues I’m sure it’s a matter of weeks or months before I’m buying my first Fenix. Suunto is a shit company, and I’m sad I spent over $300 with them.

  44. Had Core, Ambit, Ambit2 and while waiting on Ambit4 got Garmin Fenix 3 instead. So far it has been pure joy. Few minor software issues, but no broken straps (considerably cheaper than Suunto), no blur in cold weather, no consistently broken buttons. Very happy so far. For those waiting for A4 get F3 (or F3 HR) and be happy.

    1. As soon as mine breaks and doesn’t work – yep, I’m right there with you. Suunto has lost me – completely lost me.

  45. I’ve had two Suunto’s over the past ~20 years – an X6HR and the T6. My T6 needs a refurb, so I’m sending it back for a new case and strap. This will the second time I’ve sent it in over the past 7-8 years. I was seriously looking at ALSO getting a new Ambit3 Vert and THANKFULLY found your excellent BLOG! After reading about all the GOOD everywhere else, maybe I’ve found the truth here! I’ll now just hold out for news and reviews of the Ambit4 Ghost, and in the interim, I’ll be more than happy to settle for the return of my bulletproof T6, and my Android phone.

  46. ANT+ Connectivity is a MUST so as to be able to use other equipment already purchased ( e.g. Powermeters )
    This would make people replace Garmin Units as well!

  47. Finally, Suunto has announced a successor to the Ambit watch. SUUNTO SPARTAN Collection today.
    Not an enough details, only these:


    “Competitive battery life, titanium5 bezel, sapphire glass, 100 m waterproof, barometric altitude, navigation, GPS, compass, outdoor-proof color touch screen, Bluetooth Smart
    Sports expertise and training insights 24/7
    Progress with heatmaps and peer-group insights”

    The price is high but finaly can offer what we expect a few month

  48. This post makes no sense. As an Ultra-Runner who has fully tested both product brands, the Fenix line is absolute junk. Looks great on paper but the problem being it doesn’t actually work. I had a Fenix 2 for 3 weeks and after a dozen failures while out on the trail was finally able to exchange it for a Suunto Ambit 2. Never looked back. Now on an Ambit 3 and still loving it. Finds a satellite in 5 minutes of standing around to find one, just to lose it once I went under a tree. Oh, and the random turning off was not welcome either on the Fenix!
    Garmin acknowledges the many flax with the Fenix but doesn’t do much to address. The watch looks snazzy and thats enough to sell it to the bubble market that will barely test the functionality. Color screen? Music storage? Sleep tracking for Christ sake? This is why you get a Fenix apparently…

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