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Being on TOP of the Game of Life…

Fun Girl on Mountain, Inspirational photosI wrote a post recently about the types of people that I meet and interact with when I’m trying to get an online venture going. I noticed that there are people that are set apart from the rest of us. They are people that are on TOP of the game, whatever particular game they’re playing. I wrote about the online world, but there are many other games people of the world are playing…

What about people that seem to be on top of the big game? You know, the “Game of Life“. Do you know anyone like that?

I know just a couple of people that seem to be at the top of the Game of Life… and you know what? Not all of them are wildly successful at business. What I mean by being on TOP of the game of life is this…

People on Top of the Game of Life:

Wake up nearly every single day in a happy mood. Unless there is a specific and terrible tragedy that occurred recently they are, without fail in a good mood every day they wake up. Seem to wake up earlier than the rest of us too.

Are optimistic about the future every single day. They realize that the future holds the key to continued happiness and being on top of the game. They realize that the future is changeable. The future depends entirely on the actions that one takes in the present. They know that and they love that idea because it gives them power, control over the future.

Are realistic. They understand that, according to probability – which NOBODY escapes, there are both positive and negative events that happen that are outside of one’s control. As much as we want to control EVERYTHING, we cannot. Some things are beyond that. One can choose to attribute these things to a higher power, or, like I do – as just probability. Accept reality and the Game of Life is that much easier.

Love to take action. They like to be doing something that is leading to more happiness, more optimism, more possibility in their lives.

Love to encourage and help others. They love to share something of themselves to help make others’ lives better in some way. It might be just with a certain group of people (family), or it may be that the person has the same attitude with everyone he or she meets. What a wonderful person THAT is, right? Have you met strangers that seemed like they wanted to help you – and you couldn’t understand why? I have. It’s scary, because initially I’m trying to figure out – what is this person’s agenda? And sometimes, there just isn’t one. Some people love to be helpful to everyone they meet. I like that kind of person myself!

Reduce daily stressors. Nothing has the power to bring someone down, bring your life to a lower level than when you face repeated (daily) stressors that don’t seem to end. People on top of the game will eliminate these stressors as quickly as possible, realizing that they are taking valuable time and effort to keep facing day after day. If you have this type of stressor, take steps to eliminate it immediately.

Take care of their bodies. They found a balance between eating what they want and exercising to keep the body in decent shape. They might eat whatever they want – and exercise often to keep their weight steady. Or, they might eat little and exercise little. They might work out on the weight machines at the gym 5 days per week or 1. They might ride a bicycle a couple times per week, walk, or jog. They have found the optimal state for them which allows them to feel good about their body and not have it be a concern that stresses them out day to day.

Take care of their minds. Our minds need a rest to function at maximum level. People who are at the Top of the Game of Life have found a balance between work and stressing themselves out. They allow the mind to recoup when it needs it. These times of relaxation might be some sport, walking, laying down with eyes closed, meditating, yoga, listening to music, or even watching television.

Don’t put much focus on money as providing the ultimate happiness. Maybe in most people’s lives there is a time period where money seems like the most important goal. It seems like, if we just sacrifice everything in pursuit of this goal we’ll find happiness in the end. It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow idea. There probably is no pot of gold, and attempting to create one for yourself is going to take shovel fulls away from the other areas of your life… and the lives of those that are important to you.

Are typically over 50 years old. I’ve noticed this to be true. Rarely does someone in their 20’s or 30’s figure out the key to being on top of the Game of Life until they are in their 40’s or 50’s or older. Why is this? Something to do with having tried a lot and learned a lot more. By the time one gets older there is a life intelligence that kicks in. It’s kind of a reality check that puts things in the right perspective. At 50, if you’re the average male you’ll die in about 25 years. There’s not much time to keep getting it wrong. Naturally the mind has matured and put things in perspective at about this age. Is it possible to be on top of the game of life at 20? YES!

Are eager to share the secrets they’ve learned over their lifetimes. Just ask! When I think of how many times I had the chance to ask people on Top of the Game of Life what they thought about certain issues, or the most important things they’ve learned in their lives… and I didn’t… well, it makes me want all the more to do it now!

If you know someone that seems to have it all – not just money and financial success, but a real peace within themselves and a happiness that is present every single day…

wouldn’t it be cool to ask them…
“WHY are you on top of the Game of Life?

Best of Life!

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5 thoughts on “Being on TOP of the Game of Life…

  • at 8:46 am

    Excellent points. I do know a few people like that and would love to emulate them. Thanks for the “how to” list!

  • at 10:25 am

    Hmmmm… very insightful. Let me tell you something… I began this post thinking… yeah, tell me about those people Vern! Halfway through, I found that for the most part, I (not at the TOP yet) have a bigger lead than I thought. Thank you!
    … I have come out of the worst year (hands down) of my life (thus far) and yet, I have clarity and optimism. Sometimes, I feel like a kid again, viewing the world with new eyes, more like a wrongly accused prisoner setfree. I am excited everyday about… stuff, nothing specific. Although, I promise, I don’t get up earlier than anyone… mainly because I respect sleep. I am way under 50!I guess I learned and grew in the turmoil. I look at myself now (strengths and weakness, no hiding) and look for ways to grow and develop, its all very exciting, scary even, but all the best rollercoasters are right? Its what makes you feel alive…
    I think I have come to the realization that when I am on TOP and have all the answers, resolved all the issues, and implemented all the plans… I will have nothing left to look forward to… to strive for… what kind of existence will that be?
    Nah… I’ll stay in the learning, growing, forming stages at little longer… maybe forever…

    Thanks for the mind food!

  • at 6:14 pm

    Hi Tami! Nice comment. Well by the time we reach 40 or so it seems that we’ve all come through some trials that were particularly unbearable while they were going on – and yet, usually we are still here 5 years later. It’s the resilience we have. It’s a horrible thing to go through the mud of life, but it’s quite possible to get through ANYTHING and come out the other end not only happier… but, on top of the game of life.

    Being on top isn’t about success in monetary terms. Wow, there’s nobody that is ‘there’ that really believes that. Money is nice, but no money is nice too. I’m surviving on very little here in Thailand but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

    Thanks for your comment Tami! Vern

  • at 3:04 am

    Hi Vern thanks for this inspring article, glad i read it.. im still on my early twenties and yes i believe i can be on the top of the game in life .. just a matter of mind setting and appreciating life as it comes for me… God bless you

    • at 7:51 am

      Hi Chinie –

      Yes, you have a lot of time… a lot to experience… Coming from Philippines you have a different perspective on the world already… you’re in pittsburgh now?


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