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Best ADD – ADHD Treatment: Meditation

Best ADD ADHD Treatment? Meditation.I was going phrase the title, “Best ADD – ADHD Treatment? Meditation or Medication? ” but I decided, no –meditation IS the ultimate treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There’s no question in my mind about it.

Why am I sure meditation is the best cure for ADHD?

As I mentioned in my previous post about ADHD – Self Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Diagnosis I have had ADHD – ADD since I was a young child, but only knew it in about 1995 during grad school classes in which we tested each other for various, mostly behavioral disorders.

I had no idea that meditation could be any form of  ADD ADHD treatment and offer any relief from my renegade attention and concentration habits.  I didn’t start meditating for that reason at all. I just thought meditation might be a nice way to relax from the stress of college, working full-time and volunteering as a big brother for 15+ hours per week. I ran and biked a lot, and those activities helped – but I thought meditation would relax my mind even more.

I couldn’t have been more right.

The type of meditation I did was loosely based on Vipassana, or what Theravada Buddhists call “anapanasati”. Basically I sat down, closed my eyes and watched the breath go in and out. Really that’s basically it. There’s more to it of course, but essentially when you distill it down you could say just that, and have a pretty good synopsis of the whole idea of meditation. Sit and watch the breath at a very small point of concentration where it enters and exits the nostrils.

As one does that – the mind gradually slows down. Over time – days, weeks, months of a regular meditation practice the mind slows down and thoughts come less frequently while meditating. Eventually at some point, they stop. They stopped for me for the first time just a couple months into my practice. The concentration I was able to attain lasted minutes at a time – then tens of minutes… then over an hour.

After the thoughts stop… there is a peace of mind that is impossible to explain. There are many profound experiences that happen as the mind is in this state and it’s quite a journey to say the least. It’s amazing and I’ve tried to capture it in words and videos at some of my websites – but of course the words can never explain an entire body-mind experience.

Anyway, as the months went by I noticed something that was amazing to me. I was having spontaneous periods of concentration on what I was doing.

This was a novel experience for me – living with profound ADHD all my life had robbed me of any spontaneity in my concentration ability. If I wasn’t really trying hard I couldn’t concentrate more than a few seconds on any one topic. It’s a weird way to go through life – but I thought it was normal. Until I started having these amazing states of concentration just happen on their own! I wondered – is this what the rest of the world experiences all the time?

Amazing revelation… meditation has a marked effect on ADD ADHD.

I first started meditating about 1998. Since then I’ve had amazing levels of concentration that have enabled me to write a 130,000 word fiction novel, a 100,000+ word biography, numerous ebooks and create over 100 websites. I consider myself cured of ADHD – ADD but there are still times when it is a challenge to complete some tasks because all the sensory input around me is driving me nutty. In cases like that – if I choose to – I can meditate for a minute or 5 or 10 and resolve all the problems quickly. Sometimes I just like to experience the ADHD for a while because it’s what I thought was normal for 30 years of my life…

Here are some reasons why I believe meditation is the best ADD ADHD treatment:

1. It costs nothing.

2. Residual benefits. You’ll gain relaxation… peace of mind… cure or seriously curb your ADD ADHD in non-meditating, waking states .

3. Meditation is a great way to relax and create a buffer between the you that’s stressed out from work and your family who just wants to experience the stress-free you. Meditation is a great habit to get into purely for this reason alone.

4. Medication involves putting something into your body that gives side effects. Meditation involves slowing the mind down to a very slow, or stopped state… which relaxes you and eases stress.

5. Meditation is available anytime. You don’t have to wait for medication to kick in – you just sit and do it. Focusing on the breath a few times to calm yourself and slow thoughts down a bit works very well once you’ve meditated a few months.

6. You can’t overdose on meditation.

7. Eventually – after months or years you reach a state where you no longer need to meditate and your base-level concentration is much higher than it was. You can keep meditating and keep affecting it, basically operating as a normal human being after some time. Medication doesn’t change you long-term, only short-term.

I hope you look into using meditation as an ADD ADHD treatment that can profoundly change the rest of your life. If you want some help on how to get started I’ve created a free meditation ebook for download here.

If you want to learn more information about ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder < go here.

Best of Life!

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5 thoughts on “Best ADD – ADHD Treatment: Meditation

  • at 1:06 pm

    I agree with you on many points, Vern–I myself am a Vajrayana buddhist, and find meditation to work wonders on my psyche, whether it be to aid in sleep or like you mentioned, ADHD.

    another thing, however, I found to work REALLY well, is fish oil. it’s all natural, and I know some people disagree with it based on dietary reasons, but fish oil, at two tabs a day, really helps my mind with ADHD. between meditation and fish oil, I don’t know how else I’d be able to cope with all the sensory assaults around me!

    • at 7:15 am

      Hi Stephen, Thanks for writing… yes, as an aid to sleep also – agreed. I’ve had no problems sleeping over the years. Fish oil is something I’ve not heard of… is there something special – some special kind you take that you recommend? Please let us know! Thanks much.

  • at 8:37 am

    YES fish oil is awesome for ADD and for all of us actually.Try the cold-pressed(salmon or other fatty fish)as this works best. Some schools in England give it to all the students with amazing results.It’s also good for balancing moods as well. ps I LOVE your site,good job! Bye for now,Peace Out Lindell from Vancouver Island Canada

  • at 8:32 am

    Yes, fish oil is excellent for ADD – some schools in England give it to the children whether they have ADD or not. I dare you to try it for a month at least,faithfully. Peace Out xox Lindell from Vancouver Island BC Canada ps.cold pressed salmon is best

  • at 7:56 am

    These techniques can be used each night to relieve mental stress and muscle tension.


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