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Best Sports Watches [Buyer’s Guide] | CRANK101

Best Sports Watches [Buyer’s Guide]

Best Outdoor Enthusiast Sports Watches

Suunto Watches

I have had a love-hate relationship with Suunto sports watches. I bought the Ambit2 R a couple years ago. It worked so well for 8 months. Then a number of problems occurred. The straps break easily. It’s a manufacturing defect and Suunto hasn’t addressed it by giving free bands. Instead, they charge $60 for a plastic band replacement. That soured me on the entire company, so I’ve looked into Garmin Fenix line and I am excited about a new watch since my Suunto band just broke in 2 places YET AGAIN. I’m not buying a third band for my Suunto. I’ll sell the watch without the band and buy a Garmin Fenix 3.