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Best Ultra-Running Videos (480p to High Definition)

Here is a collection of the top ultra-running videos in 480p to 1080p that I found online. Some are free and some you will need to pay a small fee to watch. I have watched all the videos on this page, and can vouch for every one. Well worth watching if you are an ultra-runner, and probably if you are an endurance athlete, or any type of athlete you will still enjoy these. If you know of any more that should be added to this list, do let me know and I’ll add them.

Ultra Running Lecture Part 1Michael Arnstein, a highly accomplished ultra-runner who is taking a break for a year or so talks to a group about what is involved in ultra-running. An excellent video series you shouldn’t miss. Michael is known as the “Fruitarian.” He lives on a diet of raw fruit and vegetables. He has run over 60 marathons and about 40 ultra-distance races in the last eight years. He created the Woodstock Fruit Festival, which is in 2015 being held on the Northwest shore of Hawaii.

Covered: Definition. General info. Training principles.

Ultra Running Lecture Part 2. This covers training, recovery and injury prevention and cure.

Ultra Running Lecture Part 3. In this video, Michael answers many questions from the audience at the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

The Beauty of the Irrational. Human beings don’t always make rational decisions. But making irrational decisions is precisely what makes us human. These decisions, based on an impulse or a feeling, often lead us to those perfect moments when it feels great to be alive. This film follows Ryan Sandes, a South African Ultra-Runner, as he returns to the Fish River Canyon to run the 5 day, 84km, Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail in the fastest time possible.

Kilian Jornet and Anton Krupicka in the Grand Tetons. This is my favorite short (8:25) video of the two ultra-runners I like best. Kilian Jornet carries and maybe sometimes wears what appears to be a GoPro video camera as they run up and down this massive mountain. On the way down they see Frosty (Anna Frost) and Emily Forsberg (I think). The background music adds something special to this classic video I’ve watched about fifty times already.

In the High Country – this is a trailer featuring Anton Krupicka and shot by “The Wolpertinger,” Joel Wolpert. You can buy the full download here for $15. Or, you can rent it for $10. Well worth it.

Hard Rock 100 Mile Race 2014 – Timothy Olson. Tim was one of the favorites for this race but he had some trouble. He slept on a rotting piss-stained mattress for a few hours, and then finished the race.

UTMB 100 Mile Race – Timothy Olson. Another not quite as expected finish for Tim, but he finished!

An Endurance Life – with Sébastien “Seb” Chaigneau. This is in French, but with English subtitles. Excellent videography. I just found this today, looking for great videos – this is incredible. Seb is one of the top ultra-runners on the planet, though we don’t hear much about him over here in the USA. Most of his races are in Europe.

Kilian’s Quest – Kilian Jornet, sponsored by Salomon, created this series of videos about Kilian. This one has the topic, “How I Prepare for an Ultra.” In Spanish with English subtitles.

Kilian’s Quest – Keeping the Passion Alive. Kilian meets with Pablo Vigil in Colorado. In English and Spanish. Unfortunately Kilian speaks Spanish for this one.

Kilian’s Quest – More than a Sport. Kilian, Anton Krupicka and Anna Frost are featured in this video by Salomon. In Spanish and English.

Rob Krar “Depressions” – Rob, a top ultra-runner speaks about his battle with severe depression in which he can’t even get out and run for up to a week at a time sometimes. Excellent video.

Depressions – a few moments from 30 miles in the canyon. from Joel Wolpert on Vimeo.

Depressions in landscape & emotion.
An unstaged, mid-run, terrestrial-based short with Rob Krar.

Krar, new to ultra running, holds the speed record for the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim and has quickly become a dominant force in American races.

MUT Runner (trailer) – a film by Sage Canaday. Release date is to be October 10, 2014. Anxious to see this one.

More Than a Race – Hong Kong Ultra-Running

More Than A Race (不止於越野賽) with Chinese subtitles from Lloyd Belcher Visuals on Vimeo.

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