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Fun at Work – Make Some, or Leave

People picnicing in Hawaii
People having picnic in Hawaii

If you’re not having fun where you work – make some, or leave.

You spend WAY too much time there to have a disappointing experience everyday. GET OUT and find a job or create one where you can enjoy it everyday. If I wasn’t working for myself I’d be in a job where I was able to make others happy and add to their life experience or I wouldn’t be there at all.

Before recently I’ve always had “jobs” or occupied myself while working for myself by doing so much that there was little time for any fun. I’d cram so many things into the day that it was fun just doing so much. I really enjoy working on a project for myself like this – and even today if I’m working for myself I pack it in and see how much I can accomplish everyday.

When working for someone else though – and not getting rewarded for it, I’d tend not to do so much. I’d focus on other things to do with my free time.

I know there are a lot of people just like that – you have jobs working for someone else and during the day you find yourself with a lot of free time on their hands. Government jobs tend to be cushy like that – and you find yourself bored out of your mind during parts of the day.

If I wasn’t working on my own and trying to juggle 16 website projects I think at this stage in my life I could be OK making only about $36K per year after taxes in the USA. I could take care of all bills and relax a little bit. Take a cushy job like that and skate through a portion of the day if it was possible. Any of you working in a job like that now?

I think most people relax at work with chat, email to friends, phone calls, watching YouTube, playing games or something like that. Recent technology has really separated us all and given those of us that prefer hibernation to interacting socially, an easy outlet in the form of computer, iPhone, PSP, and SMS chat.

What else could you be doing to help make theday go easier for someone else though? Doing things on your own is basically selfish and you accomplish something for yourself but not for anyone else.

Isn’t the point of life helping others get through it when you have some free time – and you have some time to relax?

I think it is. It’s part of what I feel like I need to be doing when I have free time.

How could you spice up your workplace and make it less drab?

  • Plan a picnic – it’s warm enough you can plan a picnic at a park for everyone. Just suggest it to the management and get the approval to start planning it.
  • Add ice-cream birthday cakes to birthdays. At a couple places I’ve worked we had Dairy Queen ice-cream cakes on staff members birthdays. It’s an easy way to recognize individuals and also bring hibernators out of their den to grab something sweet. DON’T bring it to their den.
  • Employees teach lessons – give each employee a social media or internet marketing topic (or let them pick one randomly) to learn and teach the rest of the company how to use the tool for the benefit of the company. There’s a lot to learn about… Twitter, FriendFeed,, StumbleUpon, FaceBook, PayPal, EBay, SEO, SEM, PPC, etc. There are hundreds of topics to learn about. This is a great way to introduce everyone to cutting edge topics they SHOULD know something about.
  • Have weekly contests. Not sales contests, or marketing contests or who can generate the most leads – but contests that have little to do with work. These are contests you can take an hour off early for on Friday afternoons and everyone competes in one event to see who is the winner. You could do Putt Putt golf; spelling bee; trivial pursuit type questions; beer knowledge questions – anything where the entire company can take part in and blow off some steam before the weekend.
  • See how many people you can make laugh each day. Keep a chart. I’m not joking. For me – I count it as a win when I make someone smile or laugh. I try hard to be funny so I can lighten people’s day that I interact with.

Any other ideas?

I was inspired to write something about this because I saw in the Honolulu Advertiser that there was a job opening in a Hawaii Credit Union for an IT person making about $17/hour. I thought – wow, that must be pretty boring working in a credit union… could I do that? Then I thought, no… not without creating some fun. A LOT of fun.

There must be a bunch of you working in credit unions, banks, libraries, sweatshops, or worse that just aren’t packing in the excitement at your work place and it’s become monotonous and boring.

What can you do to spice it up?

Or, what can you do to enable yourself to leave and start your own business?

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