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Greatness - Gary Vaynerchuk Infographic Quote

This one about GREATNESS hit me this morning. I was watching a video and pulled this quote out of it. This was the last line. I like pulling quotes out that nobody has infographics about, and making them. is my other site.

I need to do something GREAT. I have a few possibilities in mind, in fact, this morning I made up a spreadsheet to help me see what they were. Some of them seem tough. The one I want to do more than anything seems impossible to wrap my head around. It’s a book I started over a year ago. The topic is massive. I can’t seem to get my head around it, and I figure, if I can’t get my head around it – who in the hell is going to understand what I’m talking about in the book?

So it has sat in a folder on my computer for months as I remind myself over and over how tough it will be to GET IT DONE.

I’ve told myself it’s impossible.

Gary’s quote this morning hit me in the face.

Out of adversity comes greatness. Almost always I think that is the case. The adversity can be external or internal. It can be the result of the past, the future, or the present, but usually it is PAIN that ignites us. It is me. I move much quicker when there is a fire under my ass, or a gun in my face.

Stoked to watch Gary’s short 3 minute video this morning. If you have the time, watch it too:

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