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GTD + GFD (Getting Fun Done) = Life Success - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

GTD + GFD (Getting Fun Done) = Life Success

GTD (getting things done) plus GFD (getting fun done) equals life success

There is GTD (Getting Things Done) and GFD (Getting Fun Done) I’d say both are of equal importance yet nobody is talking about GFD – Getting Fun Done.

Maybe getting fun done is even MORE important than GTD. Fun is essential for your mental well being and for your relationships with others. If you’re not getting any fun done – you’re not living life. You can get nothing accomplished some days and yet, if you get fun done – you’ll have had an awesome day!

Ask yourself right now,

“What is the most fun I could possibly have tomorrow?”

I said tomorrow because sometimes it’s hard to make yourself do something today. Many of us are inflexible when it comes to making last minute plans… so, do this tomorrow, not today.

I don’t mean that you should take a holiday from work and just go have fun all day – going to Disney or the beach… maybe you’d go fishing go drag race your car at a 1/4 mile track. I don’t know – we all have our ways to have fun.

I mean, tomorrow – whatever you’re doing – you could find a time to get fun done and do something fun. You might have to work it around your schedule – and probably you should. If it sounds like a good idea it should become part of your daily routine.

What if you could, every single day, the day before… plan something fun for the next day?

For myself, tomorrow is Friday. I’ve got about 9 hours of computer work on websites and various social networking sites I need to do. That’s a lot of GTD. I can work 5 hours in the morning from 7 to noon, eat and do something fun, then come back and work 4 more hours in the late afternoon after a shower.

You know your schedule – figure out when you’ll have some time to get fun done. You might not have any extra time at all. That’s OK – plan the fun into what you’ve already scheduled.

Everyone has lunch. What is the most fun you could have at lunch tomorrow? Invite someone to eat with you that would make it a great lunch? Call someone for 5 minutes back at home or across the country? Another country? It’s easy to call internationally now – get an international phone card and call me here in Thailand from your cell – simple. Cheaper than you imagine too.

Point is – you can do something fun every single day of your life. You should have something to look forward to everyday or life doesn’t seem like it’s much fun at all does it?

We’ve all had days, weeks, and maybe even months that have dragged on and on without something fun going on. Why is that? Usually because we didn’t make a plan to have some fun. Sometimes fun happens spontaneously – and that’s bonus fun. You need to make sure you’re getting fun done (GFD) as well as getting things done (GTD). Make sure you’re having something fun go on every day of your life – so, plan it out the day before as part of your to-do list.

You do have daily to-do list, don’tcha?

Best of Life!

If you’re already in Hawaii, you’re GFD. I know…

2 thoughts on “GTD + GFD (Getting Fun Done) = Life Success

  • at 1:07 pm

    mmm! I totally agree. I like your quick way of putting it “GTD+GFD=Life Success”

    I’ve realized anew that fun is a priority for me. I like the book The Now Habit by Neil Fiore. He says to make an uncalendar and schedule in fun time.


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