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How Much Can You Do Today? - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

How Much Can You Do Today?


When I wake up in the morning and see the sun it’s like a starter gun went off. I can never lie in bed if I see the sun coming through the window – I’ve got to get up and see what I can get started on.

I don’t know why I’m that way – I just am. I wish I could give that to you so you could be the same way. Everyday I wake up and see the sun (which must be 340 days a year here in Thailand) I start planning what I’m going to do for the day.

I challenge myself to see what I can fit into the 16 or so hours that I’m awake. Living in Hawaii or Thailand helps – the energy of these two places fills me with the same feeling. I have to go do something.

Do you challenge yourself everyday when you wake up?

Credit: Motivational poster by Motivating words: Vern.

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