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How To Push Yourself to the Limit - Running this Year | CRANK101

How To Push Yourself to the Limit – Running this Year

┬ęGae Tan Lee at Flickr
┬ęGae Tan Lee at Flickr

If you’re a competitive runner – competitive with others, or even with yourself, you’re going to run up against the pain barrier. It stops you from running faster or further. This pain barrier exists in everyone’s minds – even the pros.

How do you push past the pain barrier and keep running faster or further when your brain and body are telling you to stop?

The Secret:  Your mind is the key.

Most runners think if they can’t run harder – they need to train more to get faster or go longer distances. In one sense, that is true. In another, you can push yourself right there, right then, by tricking your mind.

The following will help you push your body to the absolute limit as you run. These are tricks, life tips, lifehacks, whatever you want to call them. Use them to push your running limits beyond what you thought possible.

1. Pushing Yourself Using Competition (in your mind)

2. Coaching Yourself

3. Delay of Gratification Pushing Technique

4. Using Positive Self-Talk to Push Yourself

5. Shaming Yourself to Produce Great Runs

6. Using Visual Imagery to Push Your Running Limits.

7. Getting Out the Door to Exercise

8. Mindgames That Keep Me Running When I Feel Like Stopping

9. Belly Breathing – a simple physical technique to up your game.

And don’t forget to get yourself one of the best headlamps, because you don’t want to be breaking your foot on a rock (like I did).

My Pushing Yourself Series Covers:

1. Getting Out the Door to Exercise!
2. Visual Imagery!
3. Shaming Yourself!
4. Positive Self Talk!
5. Delay of Gratification!
6. Coaching Yourself!
7. Competition!

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