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How to Work Faster & Easier on Your Computer?

Keybreeze screenshotTwenty-five minutes ago I downloaded, installed and went through the 16 page online tutorial (super-easy) for “Keybreeze” a program designed to help you work faster on the computer.

This amazing little program just became my favorite program – ever. Not joking.

Since 1996 I’ve been wanting to do things much faster on the computer. Windows shortcut keys were lame. I wanted to be instantly opening and closing Windows, files, programs with ease – without hardly doing anything with the mouse.

I’ve been looking at a Windows desktop – 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, NT 4.0, and now Windows XP for 9 years now I think and wondering – WHY IS IT SO HARD TO DO SIMPLE THINGS? Why can’t I work faster than this? Why is the mouse so cumbersome?

Now working on the computer just got a lot easier. A lot faster.

When my computer boots up I type ;ff [ENTER] and instantly I’m online in my firefox browser. Apparently I can configure it so I type ;gmail and it opens my gmail immediately. I’m not a power user yet – but believe me, I will be. Even further than that – I think I can get it to the point where I type ;email mike and it will open a compose mail, address it to mike and let me go from there.

If I want to open Excel, Notepad, Calculator, and any other program on my computer I can do it just as easily. It not only works for programs – but for files. Want to play an mp3 file you made a shortcut for? type ;bush-zen and it will play (on my computer anyway) “Everythings Zen” by Bush. Want to open an excel file you use everyday? For me I type ;todo and it pops right open.

You know what’s really cool?

I can save so much time when opening folders on my drive. if I type ;c:websitesaim it will open that folder where I keep all my Aim for Awesome files – instantly. No mouse clicks, no searching for it – I know what it is – and can open it immediately.

You know what else? I can type ;stfl and the window will pop-up for logging into one of my websites – directly – in FireFox.

You know what’s REALLY cool?

This Keybreeze program runs no matter what application you’re in. If you’re staring at blank desktop or you’re in calculator – the semicolon immediately pops up a menu bar to allow you to enter your keyword.

If you really want a semicolon you just use a space after it – like you would anyway if you were using it in whatever you were writing.

Oh, did I tell you what’s REALLY COOL?

It’s free. Comparable programs are $50 for a license. This is an amazing program – I make no money from, and I don’t know the developers personally or through any relationship. It’s just a great free program you really must try.

You’ll work faster, easier, and smarter. You’ll feel a lot better.

Oh – did I tell you WHAT’S REALLY COOL


Shutting down your Windows computer is as fast as ;shut down – I haven’t tried it yet to see if it shuts down completely or if I need to write a short macro to do all the steps to shutting down – but, I’m very excited about even this one feature because I think it’s a big pain to go through so many clicks to shut the computer down.

You with me?

Check them out:

Best of Life!


PS – my entire signature just popped in there with ;aimsig – how cool is THAT?

Since I have so many email accounts I need to have separate signatures for each. Gmail doesn’t allow me to do this so I just created 6 different signatures that I can use at will.

Can you see how many ways this cool little program can help you work faster online or off?

3 thoughts on “How to Work Faster & Easier on Your Computer?

  • at 5:42 am

    As someone who spends half his life on the computer I gotta check this out!

  • at 3:18 pm

    Hi Verne, stumbled upon your site today and have read “learnt” a few things today. I have also downloaded Keybreeze. I have just started today and I know that it will just be useful as i get used to learning and exploiting it to the fullest.

    Thanks for sharing these great things.


    • at 8:02 pm

      Hi Winston,

      You know I keep forgetting I have Keybreeze installed – that’s the biggest problem! I only remember when I want to show someone what it does. I’ve not gotten around to programming it like I’d like to either – I’ll make it a goal to do that within a month. I’ll put it on Google calendar. Let me know if you find it helps you a lot. Best, Vern


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