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I am Always the Winner. Always… ALWAYS!

I am always the WINNER!Empowering statements can change our lives – they can become integral to our lives, and if they are said out loud enough times we can believe them with our entire self. They can remain powerful truths over our entire lives, guiding our thoughts, decisions, and our reality as we experience life.

My ex-wife, Lynn said some amazing things. We were married on Maui, Hawaii on a lava cliff overlooking the ocean and some cows in a pasture beside the beach the day after Friday the 13th in June (today is the anniversary, sadly enough). There was only she and I and the woman that was marrying us. Not sure if that’s legal or not – but that’s what we had. It was an incredible day, the sun shining so brightly and the Maui sky blue with the occasional light fluffy white cloud. The wind was blowing enough to keep us cool for a while and it was morning around 9:30 am when we met the woman there that was to marry us.

This girl was really so special because she was so different. She came out with some incredible things that she’d say sometimes that were so full of wisdom for a young girl in her twenties. I’m not sure where she got them as she grew up in the Philippines and spoke English very well, but she had lived in Hawaii for a few years before I met her and she may have picked up some of her sayings from there. I’m really not sure. She may well have created them herself.

What I do know is that she had a couple amazing sayings that I laughed at the first time, and then the more I thought about them – wow, they really blew me away. I’ll share one of the sayings with you today. This is like sharing Haagen Dazs coffee flavor ice-cream for your soul because if you use it – a LOT you will feel really good about yourself. You couldn’t NOT feel good about yourself. When she said these things she was serious. She was not really joking around – she said it so deadpan and serious that I know she believed it. And I’m so glad she did, it’s a very empowering group of statements!

You already saw the first part of the saying in the title of this post…

“I am Always the Winner, Always, ALWAYS!”

There is a certain way that she said it… and it was so cool when she did say it – because the situation always called for it. But she’d use it for situations that I couldn’t understand how it applied, or why she was saying it – and then, again, with some thought it all made sense. It DID apply!

First she’d say,

“I am always the winner.”

Then, she’d say,

“If you are a winner

then I am also the winner.”

And the first time she said it – I was like, HEY, wait a minute – that’s not fair!

Then she continued…

“But, if I am the winner…

I am the O-N-L-Y winner.”

At this point, the first time I heard it – I was shocked! How could she say that? Here was the girl I was about to marry telling me that she is always the winner in everything… in essence, every disagreement, everything that we have opposing sides on… she is THE winner.

But, there is more to it if you look at the saying closely… even things that we don’t have opposing views towards – that we are a team in – she is also the winner – which makes sense. She is a winner there too, of course!

But there’s even more to it…

She says, “If you are a winner, then I am also the winner”, possibly meaning that things she’s not even involved in – that only I’m involved in – that I am a winner at, she is ALSO a winner. Kind of like – she is my partner so she is the winner because she supported me during my life with her love and she will also lay claim to some of my success in whatever it was by calling herself a winner!

Isn’t this Awesome stuff?

At times she would say…

“If I let you be the winner sometimes,

then I am REALLY the winner!”

So – if she gives in, accedes whatever point we’re talking about or arguing about – and she lets me be the winner in that instance, she is really the winner because she recognized the need to show me that I’m a winner too! But, in reality – SHE is the winner!

Sometimes she wouldn’t say the whole thing, and she’d just say what I wrote as the title of this post…

“I am Always the winner. Always… ALWAYS!”

When she said the last ALWAYS she was serious and gritting her teeth as if she was in a broadway play, but there was always the hint of her beautiful smile at the same time. It was a riot to see – but she really believed it so much that it made me so happy for her that she could have that belief that was so empowering and applied to so many situations. A lot of times I’d ask her for clarification of it – and she’d just smile… like the interpretation was completely up to me! She was a mysterious girl too sometimes!

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  • at 2:46 am

    How powerful are those words “I am always the winner”. If we can just change our angle around a bit to see things this way all of the time, then we’d be able to overcome any obstacle. I’m going to give it a try.


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