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I’m not Exactly “Politically Inclined”, but…

I’ve not voted in America since I was in the Air Force back in 1984. I voted for Reagan because, well, because he was all for giving the military pay raises. Since I was making sparse green I decided that it’s worth it to walk to the voting booth JUST for that reason. If he succeeded I would likely see some monetary benefit from my action. Turns out that I did see a couple pay raises while he was in office.

See, that’s the thing with me. If I don’t see results from my action – I learn from it. I don’t likely do it again unless something has changed… the odds need to be heavily in my favor before I DO anything. I think this comes from a couple thousand miles on the bike and running… Every single action that one does while riding a bike 50-90 miles through the hills of Western Pennsylvania has a cost. If you’re squeezing the handlebar too hard with one or both of your hands you are likely to tire your hands after 5 hours – and you possibly have got 2 hours to go. Three maybe.

I f you’re just finishing the bike leg in a triathlon and you’ve spent considerable effort (and resources) on beating that ego-filled putz that can’t stop talking about how he trounces you every race – all in good humor with a smile on his face… and you’re transitioning into the run and you realize that you put TOO much effort into it and didnt’ consider how spent you’d be when the running portion came.

Then? You’re going to feel the pain as the putz passes you and pours it on because he was smarter to conserve something during the bike portion of the race.

If you’re going deadly snake hunting – like I sometimes do (did) in Thailand and you’ve spent a good amount of time finding the right heavy leather gloves, the right snake pole, the right heavy pants and rubber boots to protect you from most of the poisonous things that bite in Thailand… and you go and walk for 3 hours through the woods and come up with NOTHING but ant bites, mosquito bites – no photos, videos, or experiences then you feel “had”. You feel like your effort was for nothing.

I don’t like that feeling.

For me – that’s a horrible feeling and I spend considerable brain-time thinking about how to keep that from happening. I want to set myself up for success about 70% of the time – and that way I’m feeling good pretty regularly and I beat the daily suck that I find myself constantly trying to outrun.

Politics is suck to the power of 9 for me. I don’t understand why people would give 2 minutes toward it everyday – or 2 hours or 20 hours. I think that whatever I think I can do to affect some change – is just mental gymnastics – and I’ll not really EVER accomplish anything meaningful by following it and caring about it. So, I’ve followed it and cared about it exactly zero over the 23 years since I voted for President Reagan so many years ago.

Now, my brother is a different story. Politics are in his blood. He is nuts about politics and is dissatisfied as anyone could possibly be about the state of things in the United States. Politics to him are something that revs him up every day and gets his blood boiling. He’s an incredibly bright guy – musically gifted and lyrically gifted beyond belief. He has a way of writing that is so simple and elegant and meaningful – without fluff – that you can tell he means whatever he’s writing from the heart.

Well, my brother recently asked me to help him do something for his web site. I’ve done as much as I can from here in Thailand – exactly nothing – and I felt badly about it so I thought I’d write this blog post and link to him. This blog gets a lot of traffic, though I’m not sure how many of you put time into thinking and acting on politics. Maybe all of you? That’s how much I know my blog audience!

Well, my brother and his small activist group created this parody – of a Monty Python Short that is really quite cool. I have to share it with you. Don’t watch if you don’t give a hoot about politics and the state of things in America – where the people are just the audience that watches what the government does – and they don’t really have any voice in America anymore… I think the film is awesome. The people in it are my brother, sister, nieces, nephews and a couple folks I can’t quite identify.

I like the idea – and I hope his movement takes hold and rocks the USA to the core… 

Here is the YouTube Video they created:

Bring Out your Dead!




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