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Life = Consciousness + Free Time + Action

It seems I spend a lot of time figuring out what Life IS to me. Today I thought of it as a simple equation. It could be looked at as nothing more than…

Life = Consciousness + Free Time + Action

Living Life!A lot of things we do during a typical day, to me, don’t constitute “LIFE”. I don’t think many people would argue that biological living and living LIFE are different things. I don’t think many would argue that someone that spends their life stoned out of their minds, out of consciousness… and reality, is not really living Life. Life is comprised of the three things listed above. If you don’t have one of the pieces, you’re not experiencing “Life”.

Components defined…

Consciousness IS: I’m in control of what my mind is experiencing and I am awake. I can choose to think about anything and to explore it in-depth if I wish. I am not being ‘entertained’ with mind-candy from TV, radio or some other distraction that is pulling my consciousness away from reality.

Consciousness IS NOT:

  • Sleep.
  • Coma.
  • Drunk state.
  • Drugged state.
  • On television, radio, computer games, mindless internet surfing or driving, reading a fiction book with ‘escape’ as a purpose, or meditating.

Free Time IS: Time that I am working for someone else or for myself. If I am working on a project for myself… if it is fun and I am learning something and it is not just for the purpose of working and making money, then I might call it free time.

Free Time IS NOT:

  • Work time.

Action IS: Doing something proactively. Action is doing something I chose to do and that I’m actively doing. I am in control of my mind, meaning, consciousness must be there. I am doing something for myself or for others. I am producing action as a result of some decision that I’m acting on. I’m not laying on my bed watching Teletubbies, rain fall, or the walls turn colors.

Action, as it relates to Life might be:

  • Talking to a friend. Writing a letter. Typing a story. Making a “To do” list.
  • Looking up something on the internet that you want to know for some reason that will improve your Life.
  • Biking, hiking, eating, or driving to go somewhere for some reason (exploring, or specific purpose).
  • A hobby where you are creating something or actively engaged in something you want to learn about or become better at.

Action IS NOT:

  • Doodling on paper.
  • Random internet surfing with no purpose.
  • Listening to the radio.

With those definitions of the sub-components in place, lets take a look at some of what Life IS and what Life ISN’T.

Life IS NOT:

  • Working for me or for someone else. Working is not Life to me. It’s a necessary distraction from Life in most cases.
  • Time spent drunk, incoherent, otherwise escaping consciousness.
  • Time spent ‘on’ the drug, television. There is far too much stimulation going on, visual, auditory,
    emotional, logical, my mind is not my own when I’m on television. I’m not conscious. I’m in TV consciousness which is not my own. Similarly I lump listening to music, playing games on the computer, and random internet surfing as not being fully conscious.
  • Sleeping. When you’re sleeping, you’re not conscious and not in control of your Life. I don’t count sleeping as free time. I’m not in “action” either.

Life to me IS:

  • Running.
  • Climbing a mountain.
  • Brainstorming ideas.
  • Helping someone out.
  • Barbeque with family & friends.
  • Exploring a new beach, hill, or part of town.
  • Doing something I never did before just for the experience.
  • Creating something: Photography, videography, web site content, book, podcast, or postcards home.
  • Snake hunting.
  • Learning about religions.
  • Questioning everything that exists under the sun (and beyond).
  • Doing something mildly dangerous for the rush.

Those were the things that came to mind…

“What is Life to YOU?”

Best of Life!


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2 thoughts on “Life = Consciousness + Free Time + Action

  • at 12:36 pm

    I agree with your definitions. Although I do think reading blogs that have serious content (including yours!) and make you think, is living. Mindlessly doing quizzes on one of those quiz sites, however, is not!

  • at 11:06 am

    Hi Vem,

    Nice to know what’s life for you.
    Everyone may have their own perspective for life and
    ‘the pursuit of HappYness’ is doing things in its totality with love.



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