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Meditation For Beginners Ebook - Instant Access

Meditation For Beginners Ebook – Instant Access

Here it is, our most recently updated book which teaches meditation from a non-religious perspective. No Buddhism, Hinduism, Vipassanaism! No Pali or Sanskrit words to learn. Just very simple instructions that Will Bring Your Meditation to a Very High and Focused Level Quickly.

If you buy it and don’t find it very helpful – we’ll refund your money. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

A 22 day program for beginners to learn meditation easily and quickly.

Ebook is Just $4.99


  • A very simple day-to-day guide to help you begin meditation
  • No confusing language, no list of vocabulary of impossible to pronounce names
  • No prayers, mantras, chants, or faith-based teaching
  • Pure and simple meditation taught as a physical and mental practice

I wrote this book as a way to share with others the incredible experience meditation has been in my life.

The techniques in this book came directly from the source – Buddha. Yet, there is no requirement to learn about Buddhism or any other religion.

Meditation is taught here as 100% physical and mental processes that don’t require any knowledge of Buddhist history, lists, chants, mantras, etc.

Just simple meditation that has the power to change your life. Stick with it for 22-days and see how it changes your life.

I’ve priced this book at less than $5.

I promise you it’s an easy and fun read. I think you’ll enjoy this book more than other dry books on the subject. I talk to you in the pages of this book as if I’m there beside you… Buy here.



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