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My Core Beliefs… And Yours?

Sunset at Noppara Thara Beach, Krabi, ThailandOver the last 2 years since being in Thailand I’ve started – for the first time, to think about what my core beliefs are. Core beliefs can be made up of core morals and core truths.

Here is my short list of core beliefs that guide me under the surface… I never really state these out loud but they are always there, part of my psyche and guiding me in everything that I think about, every goal I attain to, and every decision that I make. I thought it would be fun to actually try to write them out.

Vern’s Core Beliefs:

1. My time is my time. If I gift you some of my time, then that’s great – I feel good about it. I chose to give you some of my time. If you attempt to take some of my time I will decide whether it’s what I want or what I need. If neither of those two conditions are filled, then you’ll not get any of my time.

2. Life is a game. We have no facts that tell us that the game is important or unimportant. We have no way to know the ‘why’ that we are playing this silly game. The creator or creating process is an absolute mystery at this time. There is no way to have any direct contact with that mystery that can prove facts. Since I believe strongly in facts and not in hearsay or unproven phenomena I think there is no point in trying to figure out the why. Live life easily, lightly. Life is no more serious than Lucky Charms.

3. Every person alive is doing the best they can with what they’ve been ‘given’. By ‘given’ I mean physically and based on what they experienced during their development (their environment). Treating others like this gives me a certain freedom to see past their faults and negative behavior. For a time anyway. I understand that if I was born to a mother that was a sado-masochist and devil worshipper and my father was a chain-saw murderer I might be quite a different person. Environment AND biology shape the individual.

4. The world is inter-connected it functions on a macro-level as one big organism. All the pieces seem to fit like a puzzle, like organ systems of the body so is everything that is in this world – to the world. It all functions together. With this belief it makes me believe that something I do affects other things that I don’t see. I KNOW it is true with human behavior as I’ve seen it work in the field of psychology as I counseled different people with significant mental distress. One bad act causes another, and maybe more than just one. Those acts cause more bad acts. It’s a snowball.

5. I need to act according to my set of morals consistently. There are times that I falter. It’s not a big deal, nor is anything a big deal since (see #2).

6. Taking ACTION is the most positive thing I can do. I can change anything that I choose to act on. I may need to act once or 1000 times. But, I know that what I want to change must change in some way after “massive, consistent action”. (from a Tony Robbins CD)

7. I need to look after myself. Nobody else is looking after me as much as me. How could they possibly? And, it’s OK to look after yourself and make yourself happy. Again, nobody else is trying to make you happy as much as you are.

8. I need to help people whenever possible. I get good feelings from helping others.

9. I need to make other people laugh as much as possible and make them feel appreciated, encouraged, and special. I do this best with kids as they seem to have no inhibitions about laughing as much as possible. As I get older (41) I notice that people my age aren’t laughing that much anymore. I noticed a guy about 65 laughing on the train quite a bit the other week. It hit me that MAN I haven’t heard someone laugh at that age for quite a while. He had a great laugh that made me laugh when he was laughing. It’s contagious and it’s one disease I want to spread.

10. I can do everything myself. I may let you do something for me if I think you will be happy to do it. If I sense you are not happy, I will never let you do something for me.

11. I am always the winner. If you are the winner, then I am also a winner.

Maui View of Kahoolawe12. Revenge. This one will turn some heads, but I believe strongly in it. I really believe that when someone profoundly wrongs me they need to be punished for it. There are two reasons for this. One is that I will not accept being treated as less than. Rape my friend, my sister, beat my mom, and I will find a way to make you understand that you cannot do that to another person. It isn’t fair. I’m big on “fair”. The other reason I will not let the act go unpunished is because it would be totally unacceptable in my mind to have the person do it again to someone else when I could have put a stop to it. Again, it comes back to not being “fair” to others. It isn’t fair to mankind that a guy that does something heinous such as this, walks the street with the ability to do it again to some other innocent person. I just won’t accept that.

13. Death is nothing. Life is nothing. We don’t know the meaning of either – so there’s no need to attach man-made meanings to either.

14. Being in the moment is the greatest state of mind. Vipassana showed me that the present moment is the most incredible moment. It is in the present moment that we taste our food. We can feel good. We can enjoy sex on a purely physical level while in the moment. We can listen to others and help others… give advice to others when we’re living in the present moment so much better than we can if we are concerned about the future or the past with stray thoughts that pull us out of the present.

15. There is no better experience in all of life than to be laying down, facing your newborn baby as he wakes up in the early morning and seeing him smile when he looks in your eyes… breathing in his breath and holding it in to try to experience just a little more of the reality of the whole situation.

Anyone care to share their own core beliefs?

Send them in comments, I’d love to read some…

Best of Life!


2 thoughts on “My Core Beliefs… And Yours?

  • at 10:18 pm

    I think #1 sums up where I am at right now. There are plenty of people out there who would love to suck up any amount of time they can take. There is such a difference between me giving you my time and you trying to take it.
    I love to give, but I hate when someone steals from me, the difference is sometimes just in the other person’s attitude.

  • at 10:40 pm

    Understood! I really dislike crafty people that subtely work me over until I’m giving them my time and effort and it was well-crafted by them through devious methods… LOL. Some people are GOOD at it, and when I find out – sometimes it doesn’t matter that much… I have to look at the person. Look at their heart , you know? Good heart? I’ll give them some time. Devious heart? Hmm, you know what that person’s getting! LOL. Thanks for commenting Tom.


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