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No Right to Die? - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

No Right to Die?

We didn’t choose life, and yet we don’t even have the right to die.

Killing yourself is illegal in the USA. Recently an Italian woman died while the country (and Vatican) were discussing whether she could live or die. It’s such bizarre situation if you ask me.

While I wholly support anyone that wants to kill themselves I want to talk more about the state people are in when they can’t do anything about their life or death. People that are comatose or otherwise incapacitated and can’t even take pills to kill themselves if they wanted to are at the mercy of the world.

What a sick place to be.

I’m hoping that if I’m ever in that state that I’ve written enough to show my true feelings on the issue and someone – ANYONE comes and unplugs whatever is keeping me alive or shoves some pills in my mouth to swallow. Good tasting pills please, if you will.

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