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One Mile Vertical Stairclimb - We DID IT! - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

One Mile Vertical Stairclimb – We DID IT!

Joe and Vern completed the 1 mile vertical step climb at Wat Tum Sua mountain in 255 minutes. We did 6 up-downs of the 1,237 steps to the 278 meter summit on 6/4/11.

It was grueling and my knees (Vern) died on the final descent, while Joe’s held up amazingly well.

I think 2 miles vertically is not out of the question. It will take 8 hours or so, and we’ll both need to lose some weight – about 20 lbs of fat – but, doable. Entirely doable.

Here’s a video where I tell the key details of our vertical mile challenge completed: