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Pushing Yourself During Exercise! (7 Simple Techniques)

Pushing Yourself During Exercise! (7 Simple Techniques)

This bears repeating… I just had a girl write me a couple of times as she read each post in this series – loving it.

This was some of the best writing ever in my life – and I hoped more people would see it and use it. I really looked inside as I ran and exercised to see – what is going on? Why is running so fun to me – while it sucks for so many people? Why am I able to push myself consistently – whatever exercise I’m doing?

My Pushing Yourself Series Covers:

1. Getting Out the Door to Exercise!
2. Visual Imagery!
3. Shaming Yourself!
4. Positive Self Talk!
5. Delay of Gratification!
6. Coaching Yourself!
7. Competition!

Yesterday I had the privilege of climbing a mountain – 500m high – with a friend that is 71 years old. This guy is kicking serious ass at his age. He is in remarkable condition. He has climbed this mountain in under one hour before – to the top. That’s flying. I have done it in an hour or a little less – but, I did it at 43 yrs. old.

I’m considering writing a book on this guy – I have to ask him if he’d go for the idea.

Here’s a story… One time after not having breakfast, or water or anything – he decided to climb a local mountain’s steps. There’s a Buddhist temple at the top and he goes often. He climbed it once… twice… three times, and then a fourth time. Within three hours. Oh – each time is 1,237 steps. It was 90+ degrees F that day. He did it in the heat of the day from 2 pm. to 5 pm. The guy is an animal. He definitely has a drive and dedication to fitness that is unmatched by anyone over 60 that I ever knew – and I’ve known a LOT of exercisers over 60!

Anyway – I hope that this Pushing Yourself series helps you. I’ll let you know about the book coming out about “Alfred – the legend…” I might call it – “Kicking Ass at 71”. LOL.

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