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Best to Run in Rain or Sunshine? | CRANK101

Best to Run in Rain or Sunshine?

Living in Southern Thailand has its ups and downs. I’m not sure what to call the rainy season here, because there is good and bad about it. The primary good thing is that daytime temperatures drop by 15-20°F on a good day when a storm rolls in from China, or Laos up north. Otherwise, the temperature on an average day with sunshine is around 90-95°F. Quite hot for strenuous exercise.

Sunday morning I was set to go do a run up the mountain but it was raining pretty hard. I SMS’ed my buddy who was supposed to go earlier that morning to ask for a weather report because it’s a 30-minute drive on the motorbike (was giving wife the car that day). He was AWOL, and 3 days later STILL haven’t heard from him. He might have died up there on the mountain for all I know.

So I got my stuff ready and just decided to go in the rain. I rode about half a mile and turned around and came back to the house. It was coming down much harder. I went back in the house, read something about ultra-running on the computer, and looked outside. It was raining lightly. I said – screw it, I’m going! Got back on the motorbike and rode the 30 minutes to get there. I got soaking wet, even with the worthless poncho I wore. My things were dry under the seat, so I changed at the benches at the foot of the mountain trail. The rain had slowed more… it was very cool. Perfect weather. Not one person parked in the lot – just me. I do love to be the only one running the 8km trail!

I started out medium-fast because I felt good. Then I was hammering it because I felt great in the cool temperatures. I ended up with the 2nd fastest run ever up the mountain, and I didn’t think I was ready for that kind of speed at all. It is just SO MUCH EASIER to push in the cooler weather (80°F) instead of the usual 95°F or more.

When it’s sunny, it just seems naturally like a better time to go running, but I think that’s our moms talking to us from years ago. The better time to run is, by far, during a light rain. Even heavy rain, if you wear a hat, can be an amazing day. It feels as if you’re eight years old and running through puddles again. Some of my favorite running days have been during downpours.

What about you? Do you run in the rain?

I can see that in the cold areas of the world, running in the rain wouldn’t be much fun. I lived in Pennsylvania growing up and ran quite a bit in the cold rain. Not enjoyable at all.

But, when it’s warm and raining – do you GO or stay inside hoping it clears up?

Let me know what you think…



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