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Runner Tech… Life Tech

I dropped my phone yesterday. This is about the sixth time I’ve dropped it hard. I don’t like cases, so there wasn’t one on it. I loved that Samsung Galaxy S3. It did everything I needed it to do.

Now I need a phone. I have a Nokia throwaway The Wife bought me for around $50.  I cannot answer email or take good video, which I need sometimes for my Youtube content.

I’ve been looking at the Galaxy S4, Note 3 or 4, iPhone 6 or 6plus, as far as phones go.

Then I got this whacky idea, I could just keep the Nokia throwaway and get the new SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak GPS runners watch.

I really want to be able to start collecting a lot more data as I exercise. The Suunto Ambit3 Peak with heart rate monitor (HRM) would do that. It syncs with MovesCount and you can export your data to Strava, which is very cool. Strava seems like the #1 app for exercise, at least for what I care about – running, trail running, climbing mountains as I run. It’s waterproof, light, but no camera or phone.

Alternatively I could get one of the new phones with a HRM and they have GPS, I could run MyTracks or Strava on it here in Thailand. It works well enough I guess. The Note 4 I think has a barometer, or maybe that was the iPhone 6plus. One of them had it, or possibly they both did.

The international editions of the phones are expensive in Thailand  – upwards of $500 for the ones I mentioned above. I don’t absolutely need the watch. I would love it for the convenience of not having to drag a phone around with me on my runs.

But then again, when I run in the rainforest in Thailand I like to have a phone with me, just in case I’m bitten by a snake, attacked by a leopard or bear or something. Two weeks ago two guys from New Zealand came off the path I’ve run up a couple hundred times and said they saw a TIGER. WTF! They seemed serious about it. So, anything could happen. A troop of monkeys could attack me too. There are so many ways to find trouble in this country.

So a phone is good to have, though somewhat bulky. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was even just a little too big for my waist pack. I fit it, but I jammed it in there. Then I sweat like a horse in 95F weather and high humidity – invariably it’s wet by the time I’m done. A waterproof / resistant Galaxy S4 active might be better. The camera and screen take a serious quality hit on that phone though and the price is high.

I could get the new Suunto Ambit3 Peak or Sport and collect a ton of data including heart rate. It’s waterproof. I could even take the little Nokia phone in the pack easily enough. Those two things sure wouldn’t help me close a deal through email like I have to do sometimes on a moment’s notice. No, a phone is necessary.

Somewhere, something has to give. I wish like hell I could throw my SIM card into the Suunto. I’d forget about taking a camera for video with me on the runs. I could almost live without the camera.

Suunto should give me at least an 8MP camera in that watch too.

I’ll get a phone. I hate buying them. I have bought far too many mobile phones in the past almost twenty years. A Suunto Ambit would last longer. Ahh, forget it. I’ll get the phone and pair it with a HRM and see how that does.

I think it makes a lot of sense to bring a phone along on runs through the forest. Even in the USA. There are more people on your trails, but still something could happen and you need to reach someone on the phone quickly. I was thinking if a tiger did maul me, maybe a phone would allow me to at least leave a cool last message or video clip for my kids! I have a lot of time to think on the trail, and this kind of thing goes through my head quite a bit!

What about YOU? You trying to decide whether to buy a Suunto watch?

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