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Sorry Vern, No Time for Greatness

Chatting with my brother on Facebook and I asked again, “Have you watched the Eric Thomas videos I gave you links for?”

Oh no, not yet. I forgot. Send me some links, I’ll listen while I work.

I went on to explain that listening to Eric Thomas was something that had the power, the potential, to change his life. I really mean that. Eric’s stuff hits me so hard I sit here and cry in my chair. I’m not kidding. It tears me right up.

Somehow he is hitting me right where I feel it. It’s like a drill bit through my head that hits home.

My brother said he doesn’t have time to listen to it. When he gets home he must spend every minute with his kids and wife.

I didn’t even know how to respond.

I still don’t.

A video, a couple of videos, have the power to potentially change his life so dramatically that it goes from black and white to color and he just can’t find the time to watch the videos for an hour away from everyone.

Maybe you’re like my brother. Maybe you don’t have any time to give something great a chance. Maybe you can’t even free up five minutes to do anything you like.

Is that living? How’s that working for ya?

I know my brother loves being with his family when he gets back from 8-9 hours of work during the week.

I also know that there are people all over the world that just don’t think they have the time to become great.

I didn’t ask my brother to do a week long online course. I didn’t ask him for $4,995 to take part in a weekend conference that might change his life. I asked him to watch some videos. Even a couple. It’d take about 5-10 minutes tops to figure out if Eric was saying anything that banged a gong in his head.

If you have no time for greatness. If you have no time for trying something new. If you can’t find ten minutes of your own in a day, what in the world do you have?

Ask yourself.

What do you have?

2 thoughts on “Sorry Vern, No Time for Greatness

  • at 11:48 pm

    Hi Vern I am Alfred’s sister. I visited Alf in hospital on the 23.12.14. He is in good spirits and has certainly found his fight and will kick his cancer into touch again, only this time he will become free from it completely. He has good colour, increased his body weight, and is ready for the fight to end all fights. Thank you for all the kind things you say about Alf. I know they are true because he is such a good brother, Mavis Douglass

    • at 5:54 am

      Hi Mavis, Yes, ALF is a tough guy! I am looking forward to climbing the mountains here with him again after he clears this up. 🙂 Best of life and have a good holiday!


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