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Why Creating a Successful Online Business is Like Reaching Nirvana - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

Why Creating a Successful Online Business is Like Reaching Nirvana

pink-lotus-thailandNirvana is the ultimate goal of Buddhism. It’s liberation from the mental stress of attachment to things, ideas, the past and future. It’s living in the present moment and enjoying what “is”.

The entire concept of Nirvana and reaching it is an almost impossible catch-22. Here’s why…

Buddhists are taught from day 1 that Nirvana is the goal. Nirvana is built up in the minds of Buddhists and many meditators from other traditions to be the holy grail and the ultimate attainment that human beings could ever aspire to in life.

Some join Buddhist temples as monks or magees (here in Thailand at Theravada Buddhist temples women are called Magee’s). Some join meditation classes. Some practice on their own. What is common to all these groups is that they have this huge goal looming over the horizon that is out of reach, but teachers, books, magazines, videos, websites are all telling them that the goal can be just around the corner. It’s closer than we think. If we just use the right technique… we’ll find Nirvana.

First on the path to Nirvana are levels of Jhana. These are mind shattering experiences… the levels of Jhana are like entering different worlds where the mind operates in a different manner from what you’ve ever experienced. When you almost enter Jhana 1 you might have an experience of bliss that is so profound – you may think you’re enlightened. Yes, it’s that awesome and inexplainable.

Problem is… if you attach to the experience with your mind… and when you realize – “Oh Krikey! This is it…I’m going to enter Jhana!”

It goes away. Once you get excited about anything you’re experiencing in the realm of Jhana or pre-Jhana – it goes away.

Letting go of all mind experiences as unimportant is key.

You may never again get to that state of mind because now that goal that used to be just HUGE – is now REAL. The fascination you have with reaching that level again is overwhelming and surfaces every time you meditate.

It’s a catch-22 because the more you try to get it – the more it stays dormant, out of reach.

Every level of Jhana is like this (1-8 levels). If you get attached to any part of what you’re experiencing – it disappears. Many times never returning.

It’s a ludicrous situation to be in… where part of your life – or even your entire life is dedicated to trying to attain something that that so very few are at. And you keep trying and trying and trying and building the goal up in your mind – and all that’s happening is the goal is getting further away.

Is there any shortage of literature telling you how to get there? No, there’s mountains of it.

What did the first Buddha say about reaching Nirvana?

Basically he said this:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Watch the breath
  4. As the mind tries to lure you away with thoughts about life, pain, past, future, etc – keep refocusing the attention of the mind on the breath.
  5. Let go of any experience in the mind as nothing important… let it come and go – just refocus on the breath.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5

Instead of actually DO-ing this people want to talk about it. They want to read all of the other fluff that has been written about the “how” to go about it. They would much rather talk and study and analyze than do.

Did you notice #5?

How does someone whose entire goal for their existence on this planet “Let go of any experience that happens in the mind as nothing important…”?

That’s the problem. It’s impossible for nearly anyone trying to reach this ultimate goal to not be excited about it when they start getting into the different mind experiences because they are indicators on the path to Nirvana. The experiences are other-wordly how can you not grasp and cling to them?

How many enlightened people do you know? None? Me too. I’ve looked since 1998 after some meditation experiences that left me asking – what in the world is happening inside my mind as I meditate? I’ve been in Thailand for 4.5 years. Over 95% of the population is Buddhist. There are about 65 million Thai people in the country.

I’ve met many monks and magees and asked them about nibbana and whether they knew anyone that was enlightened… I’ve searched online for years and found only a couple references to some people in India that may be enlightened. I’ve met abbots of Buddhist temples here that didn’t know anyone that was enlightened. Everyone still talks about the Buddha – but they’re not offering any present day examples.

What does all this have to do with Succeeding at Online Business?
  • Your goal is out of reach.
  • You want to talk and read about it more than do it.

From day 1 you’re hearing from everyone online that the ultimate goal is to be like Darren Rowse at or Steve Pavlina, both of which make ungodly amounts of money (1-million+ per year) by writing articles about writing articles online, otherwise known as blogging.

If blogging to superstardom isn’t your goal then you have some other goal – making $75,000 in one day from online sales… MLM schemes, or creating an online business from your bedroom that makes so much money on it’s own that you can quit your day job and spend your life travelling around the world taking photos and videos.

Everyday you’re bombarded with articles, ads, and conversations with friends that are talking about how that person and that one became successful doing A+B+C. You try to rationalize how you can do the same.

You love to read about this stuff. In fact, you read about it every single day – for hours each day because it’s just so damn satisfying to talk about it with people that are involved in the same struggle.

You buy training, books, join forums, buy secrets from online marketing gurus that are experts at getting you to buy something.

You read, study, talk, chat, blog, tweet, comment all about what you’re going to do – and how you’re going to do it. You’re churning out tons of content about the struggle… and what you want to do… how you’re going to do it, what sounds like it will work – what probably won’t work.

The goal is over the horizon… it’s just out of reach you think.

Problem is though – it’s WAY out of reach.


You’re not DO-ing what you need to do.

The goal is beyond your reach and that’s where it will remain for most of you.

I’ve got a reality check for 99% of you… you don’t have what it takes to write a successful blog and create anything like the kind of content Steve Pavlina or Darren Rowse has created.

You just don’t. Me neither. I don’t have the dedication to write over 600 long articles about positive thinking like Steve did. I don’t have the motivation, the drive, the yearning, the time, the patience. You probably don’t either. Why are so many people trying to copy Steve’s model of success? There are a thousand other ways to get going that you DO have the talent for.

I’d guess that 70% of you reading this have enough knowledge in your heads right now at this moment about what you can do to get started on a successful online business. The other 30% need to read more and figure out a game-plan.

Within about 6 months even that 30% should be ready to start an online business and go at it with whatever time you have available. It might be part time at first. No matter – what matters is…





i  t

If you’re not Do-ing it – you’re like the billion Buddhists in the world that are reading about Nirvana and making it a future event that they aren’t going to reach anytime soon – maybe not even in this lifetime.

If you’re spending 90% of your time reading, studying, talking, chatting about your online business idea – or someone else’s – then you’re not ever going to have a successful online business. Never.

Stop studying Buddhism. Stop studying online marketing and other people’s success.

Jump into the game with some simple do-ing that gets you results – good and bad. Revise your technique. Do some more. See what works, what doesn’t work. Do some more. Revise some more. Do more.

You’ve gotta be DO-ING 90% and talking, studying, researching 10%.

If you don’t flip those percentages around – you’re going nowhere like the millions of Buddhists that are talking about reaching Nirvana. It IS unreachable without doing.

If you went and sat down and did just steps 1-5 over and over – without the large goal in your head about Nirvana, jhana levels or anything else – you’d get somewhere. I did. I didn’t know about jhanas… and yet they came anyway because I didn’t build up the goal to be larger than life. To me I was sitting down and doing something that I thought would lead to a calmer mind… a more relaxed state of being. Jhana was an unexpected – an unknown outcome.

If you went and sat down right now in front of your computer and bought a domain name, incorporated, set up web-hosting, and started writing copy for your business… you’d have half-a-chance at getting somewhere.

If you’re reading about it and getting your real satisfaction out of telling people what you know and what you’ve learned instead of doing more of it – you’re going nowhere. You’re already living your reward. Your reward is the “wow” you get when you tell someone what you know.

The big “wow”, you’ll never reach going at it with any other approach except:

90% DO10% Read about.

I’m creating an extensive online business training course that will let you learn and DO at the same time. The big emphasis is on the DOing. I want to motivate those of you that are reading too much, studying, talking, chatting – and get you to start immediately on your online business.

If you join the course I’ll answer any question you have about online business, search engine optimization related – or anything I can help you with. I just want to see a group of people get started and knocking it out everyday. I want to help you get through it so you’re not working for someone you don’t like, doing something you don’t like, and living somewhere you don’t like.

The time is now – right now during the recession – make a change in your life and go… grab the ball that’s laying in front of you because the pack is running full sprint behind you and they want the ball too…

that’s YOUR BALL!


Best of Life!

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6 thoughts on “Why Creating a Successful Online Business is Like Reaching Nirvana

  • at 9:01 pm

    Vern, that was a very good article. I especially liked the Buddhism part.. 🙂 so true, so true…

    • at 9:30 pm

      Thanks for writing Bill. Yes, it’s strange how I know many people in each of these games… and how similar their struggles are. It’s the doing that gets everyone I think. How about you Bill – are you enlightened?

  • at 2:17 pm


    Hello my friend, it has been a long time since I have commented here although I read regularly. You hit it out of the park on this post! That is the essence of the problem almost every internet marketer / blogger I know has. Thank you for making it so clear and bringing it to us in terms so easy to understand. I meditate and I am also a marketer so it really hit home for me. Thanks for your beautiful incite. Look forward to hearing more about the course.

    • at 8:45 pm

      Hi Mel, Yes – been a long time since we talked. Great to see you here. Thanks for the compliment on the article. It’s really difficult for me to motivate people to start doing… you can kick them in the pants over and over… and still – not doing it. Sometimes I stop trying. Then I don’t feel so good. It’s just SO easy to start something -and makes me feel so good when I get going on a project that I can’t help but think everyone should experience this. I love to see results- whatever they are.

      I think the problem is that people are just not sure – is my idea good enough or not? They’re afraid to start and commit the time and energy to get going. They ponder it…ponder it… change ideas over and over… and never start anything. Honestly posting crap everyday at your site is better than doing nothing at all. Just set up a website and start putting SOMETHING up. You’ll revise later… get something up so you can feel the stimulus-response you get with posting something you’ve done online. It’s instant gratification but also instant feedback if it’s working or not. Anyone commenting? Anyone reading it? Anyone getting there to read it?

      I really wish everyone could experience waking up in the morning and realizing money was made overnight while you were dreaming about Tahiti or whatever you dream about. It’s a great way to start the day, I’ll tell you that!

  • at 10:29 pm

    I would respond further but I am too busy “doing” today after your beating yesterday… lol

    You are dead on with the stimulus-response concept. That is what makes all the difference. Nearly all us know enough to get started and then make adjustments as we go along.

    Thanks again for your encouragement Vern and for being an inspiration for those of us that are not yet living our dream. Melb

    • at 10:36 pm

      ha! If a little beating was in order – turn the other cheek.


      Tony Robbins has the idea about massive, consistent action. I listened to that CD-ROM 30-Day set about 7 times – in full and some of those CD’s probably 10 more times. There is something so satisfying in DO-ing… in action… that I’ve been addicted to it my whole life, since way before Tony so eloquently preached it.

      Good luck with everything Mel!


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