Suunto Ambit2 R Watch Band Strap Broken – Defective?

Suunto Ambit2 R GPS Runner's watch with broken watch band for wrist.

While sitting around cheerless waiting for some news – ANY NEWS about the SUUNTO AMBIT4 watches, I’ve been reading a lot. I read that many people had the Suunto Ambit2, Ambit3 watch band straps break on them – and I thought, wow, that sucks for them.

Now it sucks FOR ME because mine just broke. There must be a serious defect in these bands because one guy on EBay is selling them and has already sold over 100 bands. That’s one seller.

So, I live in Thailand. It’s not an issue of bringing the band from hot to cold. It’s never cold. It’s not a matter of abusing the band – I am always really careful when putting it on. Very careful.

It isn’t a matter of having it too long – I had the watch about one year. In that time my heart rate monitor died too!

Is Suunto putting out absolute JUNK products?

I don’t know. I can’t say that yet. The watch still works. Sure it has a micro-chip or pitting in the glass already. How that happened, I couldn’t begin to guess because I never hit it hard. I don’t remember ever hitting the watch face medium-hard.

So, I don’t know. I’m probably wide-open now for which GPS running watch I buy this year. I though the Suunto was a tank – and would last forever. If the bands and heart rate monitors are breaking within a year – and, get this, cost $70 to replace a plastic band! hah! Come on man, are you guys out of your minds?

I already bought another heart rate monitor, so all in this watch which was 1.5 years old when I bought it  – cost me about $250 initially, adding $70 for the HRM, and now another $30, assuming I can get this guy to sell a fake band to me and ship it to Thailand – which he says he doesn’t usually do.

$350 for this watch and bum accessories.

Not too happy with Suunto, as you might imagine.

Now, if they don’t nail the Ambit4 – I’m going to buy a Garmin next!


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  1. My Suunto Ambit2 R strap has also broken!!! Just 1.5 year old, it literally just fell off my wrist and I am always super careful with this 500 dollar watch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got off the phone with Suunto who directed me to their accessory page to purchase a 60 dollar strap replacement. Are you kidding?????? This is not covered past 1 year, I thought the whole watch was warrantied for 2 years! ughhhhhhhh
    So disappointed.

  2. Same problem here. I had a T3 a couple years ago and I had to replace the strap twice. When the third strap had broken I decided to buy another watch. Hoping It was a specific problem of T3 series, I bought a T6d and then after about an year the strap also broken! Now I found you guys having the same problem with the ambit series… Definitely my next watch will be a Garmin.

    1. Garmin and even Polar are going to gain a very large number of athletes who drop SUUNTO in 2016 and go buy a better watch. I can’t afford to buy another watch, so I just bought my second Suunto band on sale for $30. Suunto wants $60 frickin’ dollars for a plastic band that breaks like a twig! I’m done with their shit products and worse customer ‘support.’

  3. Yes
    The vrist strap on my one year old Ambit 2 Black just broke. Looking for a replacement now.
    Had the same problem with a pre-ambit Suunto watch as well. Then it was the vrist strap clasp that broke once a year. The vrist strap lasted another year.
    But I like the watch. Will probably buy another brand next time.

    1. You and everyone else will buy a different brand next time. It’s just too many problems with SUUNTO and no help from customer support. A watch band shouldn’t break for 5-10 YEARS. Not 1 year. WTF?

  4. hello
    Have as well the Ambit2 since May 2014. Last Month I had the same Problem. While running the strap just broke. Actual Feedback from Suunto customer Support is as well that the strap has just one year and not 2 years warranty. I am not satisfied with and asked them to recheck.
    I used to wear Polar for many years and never hat Problems. Changed to Timex and never had Problems. Changed to Suunto and feel unhappy. If replacement strap will not be given I definitely will Change. No matter what… but no Suunto anymore. Hell… this watch is not cheap… so at least obligingness might be the Minimum if it is already a known problem…

  5. I’ve had 3 wrist straps break in a bit over 2 years. Every time it costs $50 and I’ve had enough. The watch itself is fine but it wont be anymore if the next band breaks when I’m ocean swimming, mountain hiking or anywhere else where it would be impossible to recover. Really disappointed.

  6. Regarding straps… the problem is the buckle has a knife edge on it. Just tear a strip of silver duct tape and wrap it around to give a smooth, rounded edge against which to pull the strap and buckle.

    1. Good idea… until Suunto figures out a way to do something permanent. Maybe they won’t. They are probably making insane amounts of money off replacing $2 bands for $60.

    2. That’s not true. Mine broke nowhere near where the buckle sits. It’s just a crappy quality strap. My Ambit 1 strap is still going strong though, so they got it right there.

    3. Duct tape on a $500 watch.
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      This doesn’t say much about Suunto brand. Make a great watch but don’t have quality in watchbands. Sounds like a serious mismatch for suunto that will ultimately destroy the brand. I’ve never had any watch that the band needs replacing so frequently.

  7. I never take mine off and i mean never yet the strap still breaks it ends up brittle and snaps. 3 straps now in 4 yr I cant be on with buying another one!

    1. I am on my 3rd band/strap for a SUUNTO AMBIT2 SAPPHIRE and am looking for the next replacement. It is hard to think about throwing a 2.5 year old watch away that I paid $600 for because the band upkeep is too expensive.

      The bands disintegrate within a year. The plastic just falls apart.

      You would think SUUNTO would get on to this and find a solution. It is their duty to do that. It is crazy to think that I will soon end up having paid more for band replacements than I originally paid for the watch.

      I am on the lookout for some stainless steel that I could adapt to act as a connection to the watch that I could connect a standard band replacement to.

      Very embarrassing SUUNTO, hang your head in shame. Anyone can make a mistake, but to not devise a solution is bordering on criminal. No, I will not buy another watch from you. Never. Not for me, not for my son, and I will warn anyone about this issue with SUUNTO watches.


  8. Had my ambit3 peak 14 months and the band has broken twice despite plenty of care. the watch has been in a drawer for two months while I waited for another crappy replacement band. $500 for this? Suunto, never again

  9. Reading your comments I feel for you. The strap on my Ambit 3 Peak has broken after 18 months of use. Not hard use either. Just every day wearing, walking, jogging, swimming and the occasional hike on formed tracks. The retailer I bought it from wanted AU$94 for a replacement strap. I complained to Suunto who sent an automated message saying they would respond in 72 hours. Well they finally did after 9 days and 2 follow up emails from me. They said the band was out of warranty a long time (is 6 months a long time?) and they refuse to replace it (would have been happy to pay cost for a replacement but that wasn’t even offered) because that “would be unfair to other customers” ( that’s hilarious). They obviously realise it would cost them a bit because reading all your issues it seems to be a common thing. Unfortunately I bought another 2 ambits for my wife and son not long after I bought mine so a bit worried the same will happen to them.

    1. Can you imagine the short-term profit they’re making from replacing bands at $60 USD?

      As much as it is, it won’t even come close to how much money they’re going to lose from people switching over to FENIX watches!

    2. If you’re in Australia, you can use Australian Consumer Law to get a replacement.

  10. I have the same problem with my suunto M2. I’ve replaced its strap two times and all straps are broken. I use my watch very carefully. Suunto straps are a really crap! Suunto no more, I’m very disapointed.

    1. There are SO many people who have broken straps. The straps SUCK. The company SUCKS for not replacing them immediately. Their customer “service” is ridiculous… the whole company will go defunct in a couple years because they don’t take care of customers and they create crap.

  11. I have same problem, Ambit is wonderful watch but its strap is the worst and the most expensive one.

    I think Suunto product would consider to improve its strap.

  12. Same failure here. Suunto should have a recall on these and be giving customers free new bands? I contacted them and said look you know these bands are defective and basica)y get told I need to buy a new band. F…. That. I am smashing my watch and buying a Garmin. Suunto you just lost a customer and not just one b÷cause I am steering everyone away from them.

    1. Make sure you video it and put it on YouTube to maximize effect.

  13. I’ve owned a Suunto T6 for several years now and my 6th strap just broke. This is my 1st and last Suunto watch. Before my T6, i’very owned a Polar watch, which strap lasted more than 10 years.
    Well one thing to cheer you up, the straps at least have gotten 50% cheaper.

    1. That’s horrible… and yeah, the price drop is some small consolation… The Ambit2 R bands were $60 last I checked. Are you saying they were $120 before?

  14. I have the same problem with my ambit3 peak. The strap was broken

  15. Mine Ambit 2 have the same problem after 1.5years. replacement strap is really too expensive.
    probably this is my first and the last Suunto.

  16. My 1 year old Suunto Ambit3 band died on me today…. kept looking for Suunto repair/supply in Bangkok but no luck.

    Appreciate if anyone can please direct me to where you bought your replacement band.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Same thing happened to mine and two other friends, ambit 2s strap broke just over a year. I made a DIY spring bar from cable ties, now I can just use NATO straps

    1. How did you do that? Can you show me?


  18. Suunto straps are rubbish. Money making racket. I have the Ambit2 Sapphire HR. £500 watch and the strap breaks once a year … on the same month … like clockwork. I am on my 4th strap which broke 1 week ago. It is disgusting. Awesome electronics but the absolute worst sub standard “engineered to fail” rubbish strap on the market. Last Suunto I ever buy.

  19. Ι have the same problem with my suunto Ambit3 sport HR. I use my watch very carefully. Suunto no more, I’m very disapointed. Contact suunto and took 11 days for reply. I have problem with heart rate monitor. Never buy again suunto.

  20. Well my ambit3 sport strap has been broken twice in a year. It was the second time today i couldn’t believe it. It was shocking for me that i was preparing for my new training program. I think i will sell the watch.

  21. Bought Ambit 1 when it was launched, the strap broke in less than a year so I thought maybe because I wore it often. Bought another strap and this time I don’t wear it as often and again it broke, my 3rd I only wore a few times and again same thing happened, all within a year.

    I just bought another brand GPS watch today.

  22. Ambit 3, same story. Should have learnt from my previous Suunto whose band also broke. It appears to be a generic failure in their design. I will look for a replacement band so I don’t wast the watch but I will now invest in a Garmin or even Fitbit.

  23. My also went broke
    And I wrote already 3 times to support and no real reply
    Only an automated message saying “due to high number of email we can’t answer”

    This is bad.

  24. Same here – all the same complaints. Broke after barely one year. Replacement cost is ridiculous. This will be first and last Suunto I ever buy. and I’m placing the link to this page on their comments page so other people will know before they buy another piece of crap watch.

  25. My Suunto ambit 3 runner broke too, unfortunately it broke when I was windsurfing on the water. It just dissapeared in the ocean.

    Later on I asked the service department of Suunto what they could do for me. The real answer is NOTHING! Bad service, would not reccommend Suunto the second time! €200 down the drain.

  26. I lost an expensive suunto watch while surfing- the strap broke.

    The straps are poorly designed and not up to par with the rigors of an athletic piece of equipment which should be rugged and reliable.

    My wife bought me the ambit 2 for a gift- that watch band broke after less than a year. I wouldn’t have bought the watch.

    Stay clear of this crap piece of work.
    You’ll lose it when being active which is counter to what the watch is designed for. The band is expensive and you also need a special size torx screw bit to get the thing replaced. AVOID At all cost.

  27. Same issue, except mine is a military spec SUUNTO…first the band holder just fell off…was like hmmm…that’s strange. Next day, like clockwork, the actual band itself snapped like a twig. I was shocked. Barely even touched it.

    I am done with SUUNTO forever. I gave them one shot. Looks like good ol’ capitalism at work where profit wins over quality. Thanks China!

  28. Got a M5 and T4C and both my straps broke – super unhappy!

  29. One of the screws came out months after I bought it and I can’t find a replacement. This watch sucks!

  30. Had an Ambit S2
    The strap broket twice.
    Ended up putting the watch in my pocket.
    Very dissappointed and suunto never again

    1. I did that for a while. Note – Suunto now has Silicone straps that are MUCH better. I bought mine off Ebay for about $15 USD. Try that. The plastic bands were defective, and Suunto never owned up to it – so right, they’re dead to me… but their watch, miraculously still works. For now.

  31. I have a ambit 2 silver and have replaced the strap twice in one year. I was told the material on the second strap is a better material. Now just a day before my biggest 56km ultra race in cape town South Africa my strap broke. Think it of changing brands. Disappointed customer

  32. 2nd Ambit 2 strap in 4 years…My G Shock is going on 10 years…same strap!

  33. I have an ambit 2 with the same problem ..2 straps cut at the point


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