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Temperature Affects Calories Burned? - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

Temperature Affects Calories Burned?

You know one thing that has been bugging me? Temperature and humidity. Perceived temperature. Perceived effort.

I have the Ambit2 R and it doesn’t track temperature. Here in Thailand, we’re at the sizzling point almost every time I run. I just KNOW I’m burning more calories than someone who is running in 0°C ambient air temp and 30% humidity.

Isn’t that right? I’ve got to be burning another 100 calories per 2 hours of workout – yeah? At least? Way more?

I don’t know. But, I notice when I edit my Move in Movescount, the calories burned does not increase. I think something should be done there. Or maybe I think I’m entitled to more calorie burns since I’m sweating my ass off over here while some of you are running in cushy temps and dry air!

Yesterday’s run was 32°C and very high humidity – around 90%?

But that’s the norm. I figure, if I’m burning more calories, I can eat more.

OK, I looked it up and found some interesting articles. Here’s one:

Do I burn more calories when it is hot outside, or cold?

HA! Like I thought… SUUNTO should start figuring this into their calorie calculations, or apparently, it can be way off. I saw one article say that with each increase in body temperature of nearly 1 degree Fahrenheit, there is a 7% increase in caloric burn. That’s substantial!

I think the real issue when running in high heat and humidity is that the perceived effort is substantially more. That affects the mind tremendously.

Today I did my usual daily climb up the 270-meter high hill close to my house. It’s 3.7 km to reach the top and I usually do it in about 32 minutes. Today was no different, but the heat today at 3:30 pm was incredible. I felt it immediately on the first steep hill and it didn’t subside for the duration of the climb.

Sometimes, though the ambient air temperature is around 32°C most days, the hill retains heat more because there are fewer clouds. The direct sun cranks up the heat on the pavement, and by 3 pm, the hottest time of the day, the place is sweltering hot.

On hot days I notice that many people who usually go to the top of the hill will turn around after the first set of climbs and head back down. Today I saw many people doing that. Today I wasn’t ready for an extreme effort, but of course, that’s almost always what it ends up being with me!

I’m time-trialing up the hill almost daily and it’s rewarding, sure, but it’s also so taxing on the mind as well. Mind-Candy needs found to calm the mind and ease it back into a peaceful existence because the stress of this climb at top speed every single day is just too much – or on the border of too much to handle.

I’ve been away for about 13 months and I could only reach a hill 60 miles away about once every 10 days or so. My hill climbing, my aerobic and my anaerobic thresholds are suffering. I am 55 years old and I think I have to get in better shape than last year, or start the inevitable decline.

I don’t WANT TO DECLINE. I want to keep getting faster.

Gotta lose some weight. Intermittent fasting and daily exercise seem to do it for me.

I’m around 82 kg at the moment, that’s 181 lbs. I’m 5’11”. I’m not fat by any means, but my muscle has been replaced by more fat and it’s not a good feeling. Still, I have some energy at the top of the hill to run up some sections. If I was around 74 kg (163 lbs.) I think that would be ideal. That’s my near-term goal. By June, let’s say. I’ll probably reach it before then, but that’s giving me a little leeway.

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