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Thailand 1 Mile Vertical Stairclimbing Challenge - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

Thailand 1 Mile Vertical Stairclimbing Challenge

Endurance athletes can take the Thailand Vertical Mile Stair Climbing Challenge by registering on the form below.

What is the Thailand 1 mile vertical stair climb about?

912 vertical feet mountain top climb. 1,237 steps. 8.85 inches per step on average, but varies widely. Some steps are 4 inches. Some are 22 inches high. You’ll need to climb it 5.8 times, in other words – 6 times to reach a mile of vertical stair-climbing.

Has anyone climbed these stairs 6 times in a row before?

Not yet. I’ve done it 4 times. One monk has done it 5 times in one day. Two of us will try in June 2011, to be the first. We’re “in training”. We’re both almost 180 lbs (80 kg). If anyone wants to join us – send the form below QUICK, as we’re going soon.

Update: Joe and Vern finished 6 times in a row on Saturday 4 June 2011. Time: 255 minutes.

If you want to register for the event – use the form below to contact us.

When will the mile high vertical climb in Thailand event be held?

We live close by – so we can verify someone’s climb if you coordinate with our schedule. Use the form below.

What do I get if I climb the whole mile?

  • The satisfaction of having done something less than 1/100,000th of 1% of the population of the world ever did. (guessing on the stats)
  • An official T-shirt (you purchase – we’re not rich here!).

More you might want to know about the climb:

  • There are no real medical facilities. It would be impossible to treat you quickly in the case of a life-threatening incident on the stairs – depending how high up you are at the time. Do NOT do this challenge if you have the slightest doubt that you can complete it without having a medical emergency.
  • Weather is ALWAYS hot (90 degrees +) and humid (80%+). Sun goes behind the mountain after 1430-1500 hours, so it’s a bit cooler.
  • Usually there is wind at the top – to cool down.
  • There is no other way down but to walk down the same 1,237 steps you walked up. So, this challenge is not JUST climbing 1 mile, but, walking down 1 mile of steps too. It adds to the grief.
  • Water for splashing on you, and a restroom is available at steps 500, and 1060.
  • Drinking water – usually cold – is available at the top, but bring your own water bottle to fill. The cups at top are not clean.
  • There is a small convenience market on site – they have lemon-lime and grape gatorade for sale for 20 THB (66 cents USD).
  • There are places to sit or lay down at the top. You can sit at the bottom of the steps to rest, but no place to lay down.
  • You must wear shorts and shirt – it’s a Buddhist temple, not a public park. Shorts should not be too short. Do NOT wear triathlete attire with a Speedo type bottom.
  • The steps open at 6 am, daylight. They close after dark. Nobody will stop you if you are walking the steps at night, however, it is treacherous to be tired and going up or down the steps at night with a flashlight.
  • There are no lights on the steps – you’ll need a flashlight at night.
  • The steps are not slippery when wet, however, if you wear sport sandals – they become slippery after you’ve sweat in them a lot. That can be dangerous at times coming down the steps.
  • There are railings the entire length of the steps. They appear solid. Some pull themselves up with their arms to help. I wouldn’t advise it.
  • Sunset is at 1830 every day. Rises about 0630.
  • The basic idea is to climb 1 mile within daylight hours, one after another. You can rest between sets and start at 6 am and finish by 8 pm if you want but we won’t hang around all day to see you do it.. We’d like to have people finished by 8 pm. to show respect for the temple occupants.

If you want to REGISTER for this climb – enter the information below: