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The Hardest Thing to Crank On in My Life? Coding SWIFT. - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

The Hardest Thing to Crank On in My Life? Coding SWIFT.

Playing with Boiga cynodon instead of coding SWIFT for Apple devices.
Playing entirely too much with snakes in Thailand’s rainforest and not CODING SWIFT – like I should be doing! The elusive “Dog-toothed Cat Snake” (Boiga cynodon).

I know, 100% today that coding Apple’s SWIFT for IOS devices (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch) is where I need to be, as FAST AS POSSIBLE.

There’s no doubt in my mind.

And yet, what started as a really well-intentioned plan of attack, and the creation of a website geared toward helping other people code SWIFT with me at the turn of the year in Jan 2015 – has gone no fucking place over the last 11 months. Sometime in February I had a change of heart and I pursued other projects, websites, online businesses, that were already up and running and that I could maintain.

Maintaining what I have in play right now is a pretty major commitment. It takes up 70% of most days, and I have 30% to work on new ideas / projects.

Fitting learning a new career into 30% of my time – especially one in programming – is impossible.

So, it’s November 12th and I just paid rent through the ATM, transferring to our landlord. It’s $500. That’s not much, but here in Thailand we live large on $500 rent! It’s our biggest bill by far, well, wait. We probably spend more on food – we spoil ourselves.

But, as I was feeding the fifteen 1,000 Thai Baht notes in cash into the ATM I started looking at each one as an hour of programming. That was 15 hours of programming work. Two full days. There are 22 days in a typical day to work. I’d probably only want to work 11 to 15 days per month, and maybe 4-5 hours per day while coding SWIFT.

Making just $1,500 to $2K per month will get me back to the level I was when my ebooks were selling like MAD.

I have really had an amazing last seven years living off the passive income provided by three main online business income sources.

Time to get to work, and yet I have feared programming for years.

I fear it, I guess. I know I’m smart enough, and yet I fear I’m not. I fear failure if I really try to learn it. I think maybe it’s the one thing that I’ve not done since 1999 that I should have definitely done.

Maybe you have something you fear too.

Maybe like me, you put something off for 11 months that you thought you would finish in 2015.


Make it right, or fail.


How much can you accomplish in 48 days? Some people learn a foreign language in two weeks. Some people get a G.E.D. in a month.

Could I learn how to program SWIFT Code in just 48 days? That would be INSANE. Funnily, I think I could do it. Probably because I don’t really know what all is involved because I stopped learning after a month.