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11 Thoughts on Life, GTD, Getting Life Done - How To Push Yourself Harder in Exercise | Crank101

11 Thoughts on Life, GTD, Getting Life Done


1. Think iffertdenly.

2. As soon as you catch yourself with even 1 procrastinating thought – smack yourself in the head and put yourself on the spot until you do something toward resolving it.

3. Nobody thinks like you do. 100% of what you think makes sense can’t possibly make sense to someone else. The onus of explanation, of understanding, of communication is on YOU.

4. Go for the big goals or go for the small ones – but always be GOING for something.

5. A move across town changes your view. A move across the country changes your job, friends, hobbies and gives you a new perspective on your country. A move across the world can change your personality, lifestyle, morality, religion (or lack of it), and worldview.

6. What if you made your biggest goal your smallest? What would your biggest goal look like then?

7. Exercise, meditation, and music clear your head. TV fills it with desires you think you should have… which later become real. That should scare the hell out of you.

8. When you’re eating… eat. When you’re walking… walk. Living in the moment, that is, fully experiencing what you’re doing in the present and not the past or future is the coolest experience. Enjoy it often.

9. Much of the world has no use for socks.

10. The internet and all the technology we have can help you become immensely successful. There are 9 year olds creating great software programs, websites, and businesses. Challenge yourself to learn whatever it is that’s stumping you at the moment. And then, do it again and again.

11. The point of life seems to be whatever you you think it is. Have you asked yourself the question?

Best of Life!


2 thoughts on “11 Thoughts on Life, GTD, Getting Life Done

  • at 10:03 am

    Vern, Interesting post. Some thoughts of mine about it.
    On Point #2) Bad idea,never smack yourself or anyone else in the head…Despite what your parent(s),siblings,or D.I. may have done. I was going to join the World Procrastinators Society today,but,put it off till tomorrow…
    On Point #8 Please give the Buddha credit for this one.
    I enjoyed your post as I almost always do.
    Best wishes, Lee

    • at 10:09 am

      Right on Lee. When I was in the Air Force they weren’t allowed to touch us by that point. It was too easy to realize it’s all just a game then… Sure spittle flew in our faces as they screamed at us an inch from our faces… but, that doesn’t hurt much. Smacking one’s self in the head snaps me out of it. It gets all that mental gymnastic and private logic out of the way and then responds to whatever I tell myself. Sort of like NLP… I often precede mental direction with a physical jumpstart (smack in the head). It gets my head straight. Some use pot. I hit myself. lol. Only when I’m alone though…. heh-heh…


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