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Trail Running in Thailand – 1080p HD Video | CRANK101

Trail Running in Thailand – 1080p HD Video

Here’s a mashup of clips I put together on two different days of running up my favorite mountain here in southern Thailand in a place called “Ngorn Nak” mountain in Tub Kaek subdistrict of Krabi province.

This is a great little run with 500 meters of vertical, but another 300 can be added by doing a couple different paths while also doing the main peak climb. Today I did 700 meters and it worked out to 9 miles. It’s quite technical, but enormous fun and I can’t seem to get enough of it, I’m there 2-5 times per week running this thing.

This month I’m going to do 10,000 meters of vertical climbing on my runs. I’ll also do some flat runs at the park, so hopefully I can pull this off. What are goals for if you know you’re going to reach them – right?

It’s the 5th of August and I’ve done 1,700 meters, so I’m on track.

If you get a chance to come to Thailand to run trails – do it! Let me know if you get down south to Krabi province way.


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