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The Ultimate Life Book by Vern Lovic

The Ultimate Life, a lifehack book by Vern Lovic

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HOW can you get the ULTIMATE LIFE for yourself THIS YEAR?

This is how. Start right here.

In this book you’ll be given actionable tasks you can do right away to start optimizing your life for this year.


1. The Primordial Ooze
2. Location, Location, Location
3. Your Tribe (Sucks)
4. Stumbling Your Way Through a Minefield
5. Freedumb
6. Zombie = Bad
7. Love Run Amok
8. Slash and Burn
9. Questioning Festering
10. There’s a Bulls-Eye On Your Head
11. Excuse Me, Your Ego is Seeping Out Your Ears
12. I Want My Life Back
13. Kicking Boredumb in the Ass
14. Promise Yourself
15. Living the Ultimate Life

Here’s the introduction:

Welcome to The Ultimate Life!

Do you want to get the most out of life? The most out of yourself?

Do you want to remove the negative behaviors from your life that hold you back every day?

Let’s change it all right now. JOIN ME!

I’ll do my part by giving you my best plan of attack for eliminating the problems in your life.

You do your part by knocking them out, one by one.

In this book, we will go through some of life’s major problems, and eliminate them. We’re going to kick them out of the way so you can move toward a better life. Toward a life with less suffering, more fun, more bliss and satisfaction.

Whether you were born to royalty, politicians, treehuggers, or alcoholics – we all have JUST ONE LIFE.

Let’s START CRANKING THAT UP to a level that goes beyond what we have ever done before.

As you get older, invariably you look around at people your own age and older and wonder – why haven’t they got their act together yet?

Why are they still suffering over things that should have been resolved years ago?

You might look at your friends you went to school with and see them in a downward spiral, a perpetual negative state, and you might wonder sometimes –


Or, you might be looking at yourself and wondering the same thing.

As I look around, I’m sad for us.

I see so many adults, friends and strangers, that haven’t yet taken complete control of their lives. They suffer every single day over something that could be fixed. MANY things that could be easily fixed.

Yet, living what I consider to be The Ultimate Life is simple.

Of course it requires energy to eliminate negative habits and behaviors from your life. These things are dragging you down to the depths of depression, and even meaninglessness. The good news is, once you get started, it feeds on itself. Once you read this book and get these ideas under your skin, you’ll start putting the plan into motion.

Negativity isn’t given a chance to grow like a cancer, it evaporates from your mind, from your life, instantly because you won’t give it the slightest chance to influence you any longer. You’ll have a new formula for dealing with negatives, one that won’t allow them to get established.

Look at The Ultimate Life! as a kick in the ass. Look at it as a plan for the rest of your life you begin TODAY.

Stick to it and you’ll be in total control of all you do. Your mind will have changed inside, some things will go away never to stress you again. Other new ideas will grow large, driving you forward to find happiness never imagined. You will see parts of your life you thought were normal as the demons that were destroying you silently and steadily over the years of your life.

It’s time for massive changes. Simple changes you can start within minutes.

Before you start tackling your own issues,
realize that WE ARE ALL operating at way below our redline.

You must question and eliminate some very basic and dysfunctional beliefs that we all tend to hold on to as we grow up. I had them. Your friends have them. YOU HAVE THEM.

Until we attack these negative influences residing in hidden pockets of our minds, we run around in circles, thinking it’s the best we can do. We live our lives according to this fake knowledge, these untruths, every pain-filled day.

I’ll tell you something you’ve probably already figured out…

It is having a tragic effect on your life.

Let me tell you about a guy I know.

Some years back I met Alfred, a 71-year-old United Kingdom native, half-way up the steps of a mountain I climb often. He moved to Thailand over ten years ago. He starts most mornings with a romp in the sheets with his girlfriend. That is usually followed by driving some of his older friends to daily doctor and hospital appointments. He takes care of a couple men also in their late seventies and early eighties that don’t get around as independently as they once did.

After lunch, Alfred often gives me a call and we plan a time to meet at the mountain where we climb the 1,256 steps anywhere from one to four times, back to back. Afterward he returns to the beach where he rents a small apartment, and relaxes a little bit before going on a six-mile walk before he eats dinner. He chooses from one of his favorite restaurants overlooking the ocean. Then he heads out to meet friends at one of the bars, where he enjoys water and fruit juice while playing pool and watching football (soccer) matches on the big-screen TV.

This is his life – day in and day out. He breaks it up by competing in stair climbing races at skyscrapers in Bangkok. Recently he race-walked for 12-hours in Malacca, Malaysia. He made it 58 kilometers before his knee became too painful and enflamed to continue. Out of three hundred participants, Alfred placed sixteenth overall for the fastest time to fifty kilometers (31 miles). Sixteenth at 71-years-old!

Is that amazing? He blows me away.

Alfred is the oldest guy I know living close to an Ultimate Life. He is retired and has enough income, living meagerly, to live happily here in Thailand. He is fueled by a desire to accomplish new things and enjoy what he can while he’s alive. He obviously feels the pull to help people that aren’t doing as well physically as he is, and he feels great doing it. He’s living life exactly the way he wants to live it at 71. You can tell when you meet him, his is one of the happiest guys in the world.

It might surprise you to know that he’s been through some horrible life experiences. In his forties he had spinal meningitis that attacked his nervous system and mind. He was in a hospital and paralyzed for weeks. Recently he was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes and took a couple rounds of chemotherapy. He’s back on the mend and we’re exercising on the stairs again. Though he’s been through quite a trying life, he still wakes up every day with a smile on his face.

Maybe after reading this book and contacting me, YOU will be the oldest person I know living the ULTIMATE LIFE. Maybe you’ll be the youngest.

Regardless, I hope you will be someone that uses the ideas and suggestions in this book to change your life in a way that brings you more happiness and less suffering. There is enough suffering in the world, own yours now, and then go through the chapters below with me so we can put it to rest as much as possible.


As you finish The Ultimate Life! your new life is just beginning. My email address is at the end of this book. I encourage you to write me and share any problems or success you’ve had. I’ll do my best to help with advice if it’s something I have experience with, or maybe I can refer you to someone that can help.

If you want to read more about me, at the end of the book is an abbreviated summary of some of the life events that shaped who I am.

Get This Book. I Will…

  1. Help you see the GOOD and BAD about the life you’ve been given.
  2. Help you SEE and REMOVE the bad. I will help you to move forward toward an Ultimate Life. The past is important only for recognizing what it was, and then getting beyond it.
  3. Help you begin the questioning process. Stuck in your head are truckloads of untruths that need tested and revised. Picture your head as an overflowing garbage bin with beer, butter, spaghetti, corn, and Fruit Loops all mixed together in a frothy mess. Everyone’s head is like this until you apply the principles in this book. As you read along, you will gain a new perspective which allows you to start pulling out the untruths and replacing them with truths.
  4. Help you CRAFT THE ULTIMATE LIFE for yourself. Life gets better from today going forward. Soon you will be living according to new ideas. It won’t be long before you actually FORGET HOW BAD IT USED TO BE.

The thing that’s great about this simple book is, you need not be super-smart, super-motivated, or super anything to be on the path to the Ultimate Life in just a few days.

What you need and what I help you to do for yourself, is to see the reality of this game of life a little more clearly, and to make small (and some big) decisions to change your life. I want to help you see the game of life like I do. It’s winnable. It is definitely something you can change and take control over.

Life is too important for us to sit back and watch it happen to us. We must design it, play it to the highest level, and win. There’s nothing more important in this life than to win this game we’re playing.

Life is a game of epic proportions, and yet most of us play it like we’re sitting on our parent’s living room floor with three friends playing Monopoly. We play by the rules. We don’t question the rules of the game. These rules were given to us by parents, friends, teachers, coaches, and whatever our minds came up with. We just blindly follow these ideas. It is all we know.

Moving forward in life is like playing this board game and moving around the squares by rolling dice.

We know how to move as far as we can roll the dice, but the dice only max out at twelve. We never jump ahead by more than that. No matter how many times we roll the dice and get twelve, we’re still on the same board, playing the same game and making incremental gains, like everyone else is.

There are so many more games than Monopoly out there. You can not only change the rules of your Monopoly game, but, you can change your LIFE GAME to be something entirely different.

We never contemplate that, do we?

In this, the most important game we play – The Game of Our Lives – most of us never even contemplate changing the rules, or changing the game entirely!

Isn’t that odd?

We keep moving forward slowly in life like we’re just rolling dice to move. Very rarely does someone jump up from the floor and scream maniacally –

“This is boring the hell out of me! Let’s try this!”

Everyone stares, mouths wide open as this suddenly impassioned woman flops back down to the floor and spends the next fifteen minutes writing furiously on a dozen sheets of white paper with 32 different colored markers while her friends look on dumbfounded. She creates the template for a dynamic and ground-breaking new life game that changes the her world and the worlds of all the people playing with her.


These are acts most people think nothing about doing themselves. If, before you picked up this book, you’ve already been thinking you can change some rules, revise some ways you play this game, you are absolutely right.

It’s really essential for each one of us to exactly that.

You can change everything you put your mind to.

Without going through some process of destroying all of our dysfunction, we all, every one of us – me, you, Oprah, Madonna, Obama, Bill Gates, and Michael Jordan – have life-hang-ups that we’d never get rid of.

Living the Ultimate Life takes just one participant… you.

It takes one easy to follow book – this one.

To give yourself the Ultimate Life, you will need to challenge some things in your head that have been limiting you. You’ve been beaten down silently, without any real fight. It’s time to start noticing which things are beating you down so you can start kicking each one out of the way, moving on to the next one.

By focusing and working on yourself as you read this book, you’re going to come out a winner.


Let’s define living the Ultimate Life for the sake of clarifying what we’re talking about here.

Living the Ultimate Life Means…

  1. Questioning Everything. Questioning things you’ve blindly accepted in the past. Questioning tradition, culture, your television, your friends, your family, what you want and need is essential. Questioning your entire way of life will bring you a NEW WAY OF LIFE.

Why question? Questioning leads to truth. This process must never stop. Throughout your life you must be questioning everything you encounter by looking for hidden agendas. Be a skeptic about everything until you see it work for yourself. Do this repeatedly. Keep an open mind about everything, and be attached to nothing, so you can quickly change limiting beliefs.

  1. Breaking Ties that Bind You. Our lives are bound by the unconscious and conscious decisions we made in the past. Beginning today you will make new decisions about those things that restrict you, eliminating them altogether in some cases. It’s like seeing life through a new set of prescription eyeglasses. Reality glasses. Your decisions and actions are all based on the reality of the game of life.
  2. You Control Your Life 100%. Nothing, and NOBODY can control you – not your past, tradition, society, nation, parents, friends, spouse, children, teachers, coach, guru, anyone, or anything.
  3. Giving to Others. As a result of taking care of your mind and changing your life to give you the basics YOU MUST HAVE, you can then give to others. Helping other people get through life a little bit easier feels so good.

When was the last time you felt that?


Who are these people living life to the ultimate?

People living the Ultimate Life are happy nearly every day. You too will be consistently happy and it will take something extraordinary to make you angry or ‘ruin your day.’

They are often times self-employed and their job allows them to be either mobile, working from anywhere, or they have a high degree of flexibility with hours they are at the workplace. Ideally they need not be at any workplace, the world is their office. If not, then they actually love the job they have working for someone else, and they’d rate it as being in the top 10% of all alternative jobs.

It’s much easier to live the Ultimate Life if you’re working for yourself. The best of all options is to be working for yourself, and able to work from wherever you are in the world. Don’t eliminate this as a goal, because it’s just too precious to ignore. Most of your life is spent working and sleeping. If you can make your work fun, that goes a very long way toward the goal of a happy life.

Speaking of fun work, if you can do something artistic or creative to make money, by all means DO IT! Pursue that for the rest of your life. There’s nothing more satisfying than doing something you love as your life’s work. Getting paid for what you love to do is a fantastic dream for most people. I know many people – myself included – that are having fun at work because they are doing what they want to do.

They are not just a meaningless cog
in some corporate machine.

But, be careful not to chase the dream at your whole life’s expense. Meaning – don’t put all your eggs in that one basket. Keep alternatives open. Work on your other skills and master some that are fun and provide some level of income. Then, when you can, make the jump to full-time artist.

People living the Ultimate Life are living in the present moment, not the past. You can’t spend your life trying to get back something that you used to have. The past is great to look at once and see what happened. After that, you must always be moving forward. Life is in front of you, not behind.

Someone once said something brilliant like, “You can’t change one thing about the past, but anytime you choose you can change your entire future.”

Life winners watch little or no TV, and listen to no talk radio. They don’t spend inordinate amounts of time doing anything else where corporations, politicians, groups, anyone with an agenda, is feeding them stimuli through their eyes and ears for hours on end.

They are not causing anyone pain on a recurring basis. They fix it, or get out of those relationships. Not just with people they know casually, but with moms, dads, kids, lovers, ex – whoever it is. Nothing makes you a life loser more than continuing dysfunctional relationships. The reality is, if you’ve tried hard to straighten them out, and failed repeatedly, the time to move forward is now. Don’t delay.

They wake up nearly every single day in a happy mood. Unless there is a specific and terrible tragedy that occurred recently, they are without fail, in a good mood every day they wake up. They seem to wake up earlier than the rest of us and if not in a great mood already at least able to tolerate others well at that hour of morning!

They are optimistic about the future every single day. They realize that the present and future hold the key to continued happiness and being on top of the game. They realize that the future is malleable – as easily changed as making one decision. They know the future depends entirely on the actions one takes in the present. They know this and they love the idea because it gives them power and control over the future.

They are realistic. They understand that, according to probability – which NOBODY escapes, there are both positive and negative events that happen that are outside of one’s control. As much as we want to control EVERYTHING in our lives, we cannot. Some things are beyond our control, just out of reach, or just impossible to control. One can choose to attribute the outcome of these uncontrollable events to a higher power, or, like I do, as just probability with nothing that we’ll ever figure out as the reason behind it. Accept reality and the game of life is that much easier. You’ve gotta know this and use it to guide your behavior and actions daily.

They love to take action. They enjoy doing something that is leading to more happiness, more optimism, more possibilities and options in their lives.

They love to encourage and help others. They enjoy sharing something of themselves to help make other peoples lives better in some way. It might be just with a certain group of people (family), or it may be that the person has the same attitude with everyone he or she meets.

What a wonderful person that is, right? Have you met strangers that seemed like they wanted to help you – and you couldn’t understand why? I have. It’s scary, because initially you’re trying to figure out – what is this person’s agenda?

And sometimes, amazingly there just isn’t one. Some people love to be helpful to everyone they meet. Those are some of the coolest people on the planet to meet!

They reduce or eliminate daily stressors. Nothing has the power to bring you down, bring life to a lower level, than when you face repeated daily stressors that don’t seem to end. People on top of life will eliminate these stressors as quickly as possible, realizing that they are taking valuable time and effort to keep facing them day after day. If you have this type of stressor, take steps to eliminate it immediately.

People living the Ultimate Life take care of their bodies. They find a balance between eating what they want and exercising to keep the body running smoothly. They might eat whatever they want and exercise often to keep their weight steady. Or, they might eat little and exercise little. They might work out on the machines at the gym five days per week or just one day. They might ride a bicycle a couple times per week, walk, or jog. They have found the optimal state for them which allows them to feel good about their body and not have it be a concern that stresses them out on a daily basis.

They take care of their minds. Our minds need rest to function at maximum levels. People who are at the top of the Game of Life have found a balance between work and stressing themselves out. They allow the mind to recoup when it needs it. These times of relaxation might consist of playing a sport, walking, laying down with eyes closed, meditating, yoga, listening to music, or surfing interesting topics they want to learn about on the internet.

They don’t put much focus on money as the answer to ultimate happiness. With most of us, probably there was a time period where money seemed like the most important goal. It seemed like, if we just sacrifice everything in pursuit of this goal we’ll find happiness in the end. It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow idea. There probably is no pot of gold, and attempting to create one for yourself is going to take time away from the other areas of your life… and the lives of those who are important to you.

People I meet that are living the Ultimate Life are typically at least in their thirties.

Why is this? Something to do with having more life experience and learning a lot. By the time one gets older there is a life intelligence that kicks in. It’s kind of a reality check that puts things in the right perspective. At fifty, if you’re the average male you’ll die in about twenty-five years. There’s not much time to keep getting it wrong. Naturally the mind has matured and puts things in perspective around this age.


Is it possible to be on top of the game of life at twenty-years old? Fifteen?

Sure it is! I hope to hear from some of you!


People living the Ultimate Life are eager to share the secrets they’ve learned over their lifetimes. Just ask! When I think of how many times I had the chance to ask people living life at the highest level what they thought about certain issues, or the most important things they’ve learned in their lives and I didn’t, well, it makes me want to do it all the more going forward.

If you know someone that seems to have it all – not just money and financial success, but a real peace and happiness within themselves, they might be living the Ultimate Life. Ask them how they went about it. Ask them for advice so you can copy what they did to get there too.

My Path to Living the Ultimate Life

I’ve taken control of life in my own way. I’ll share with you throughout this book what I did to get there. I began the path to living an amazing life without compromise at an early age.

It was around my fourteenth birthday when I got a bit of life advice that had the power to completely change my path. A short meeting with my uncle rearranged my life like nothing else could have. My uncle’s advice set me up for a lifetime of creating my own happiness, and making it the number one priority in my life.

If that sounds selfish, it is. You have to receive the ‘go ahead’ to be selfish in your life for a while. To straighten yourself out you must be selfish for a short time, until you get rid of all the junk in your life. Once you’ve taken care of yourself, only then can you have the energy to help others out of the messes they are in.

Let’s admit it. We’re all selfish. It isn’t that you’re a bad person, you had nothing to do with it. We were born with a state of mind that makes it so. There isn’t a person on the planet that wasn’t born with the same program running continually in their head. We were born selfish for good reason. To survive.

The program running through our brains is the Pleasure – Pain Principle.

The Pleasure-Pain Principle?

From birth onward our minds tell us to move toward, and repeat pleasurable experiences and avoid or lessen the frequency of painful experiences. That’s the entire principle in one sentence. Every single thing you do is based on this principle. It’s unavoidable. It doesn’t matter if you were born in the USA, UK, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, or Cuba. It’s a human reality. It’s one of the most basic psychological truths.

Let’s agree not to fight this principle for a while. You must be selfish as you go through the process of creating the Ultimate Life, the ultimate you. Once you’re there, you will be able to give to others in an unselfish way because your own needs are taken care of. You’re at the top of the Game of Life.

I hope you’re excited to get started with the meat of the book here.

I definitely am.

Before you get started though – fast forward to the last page of this book to get the code to send me by email to get a free copy of one of my other ebooks, What Is the Point of Life?

I really hope you read that short book first, to get you on track with what you believe the point of your life is. Otherwise you can’t be sure you’re moving in the right direction. You might lack a good motivation for living the Ultimate Life. Once you figure out what the point of life is for you – you can move through life with a focus. You’ll be ahead of nearly everyone in the world at that point that hasn’t done either.

The book is available for the super-low leap year anniversary sale price of $79.95!!

Just joking. It’s free and in PDF, Kindle, iPad/iPhone formats. Go find out how to get it on the last page of this book.

Go ahead, I’ll answer your email fast and send you the book. Do remember tell me which format you require – PDF, Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.

Also, I’d like to offer something else. The Ultimate Life covers a lot of areas, a lot of topics. However, what you’re specifically having an issue with, might not be covered. If you find that is the case, my email is at the end of this book and you can write me with whatever it is. I’ll do my best to help, and I might even add it to this book in a future update.

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