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Ultra-Runners that CRANK!

Here is a list of some of my favorite ultra-runners, with links to more information about them. I’ve been ramping up to do some ultra-running myself and I’ve been trying to get a grip on what it takes to do well in the sport. The athletes on this list are at the top of the sport. Apologies that I don’t have many foreigners on the list, much of the information about them is written in their native language and I don’t have time to go about translation.

I’m a guy, so I put the guys first:

Kilian Jornet – probably the best ultra-runner on the planet. He is not even 25 years old and has already set climbing records (fastest known times) at some of the highest mountain peaks across the globe.

Anton Krupicka – some mistake him for Christ incarnate, but he’s only a simple graduate student studying in Boulder and from ¬†Nebraska that runs like the wind. Anton is one of the most recognizeable figures in ultra-running for both his appearance and string of very high places in significant 50 to 100 mile races.

Dakota Jones – “Young Money.” He has a number of nicknames, all of them funny. Dakota has one of the best head starts to a career in ultra-running as anyone. He is young and has a good head on his shoulders. His talent running up mountains is almost matched by his ability to write compelling articles about races and life.

Sage Canaday – Sage is a Canadian with a road-racing background. He’s exceptionally fast as a marathoner on the roads, and has made a nice transition to 50 mile races.

Ryan Sandes – a South African ultra-runner. Here is a great little video about his run across a canyon in about 7 hours – at vimeo –¬†

Top Women Ultra-runners

Rory Bosio



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