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Ultra Running Basics - Michael Arnstein - 3 Videos | CRANK101

Ultra Running Basics – Michael Arnstein – 3 Videos

Michael Arnstein ultra-running lecture video series.
Running is “the most natural form of exercise we can do as humans.” – Michael Arnstein.

Michael Arnstein is a New York businessman that has run over 40 ultra-distance races in eight years. He eats raw fruit and vegetables for his diet, and has done so for more than four years. He puts an emphasis on fruits with super-high water content like tomatoes, papaya, oranges, and watermelon. This lecture on the subject of ultra running is the most informative video series available on the subject. I’ve found nothing else even comparable. Sure other ultra-runners could have made something similar, but Michael really goes into depth on the subject of the 4 stages of ultra running.

What are they?

The 4 Stages of Ultra-running:

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual

I really enjoy how Michael goes into the emotional experience of running ultras in these videos.

“Ultra running is an extreme state of existence.”

Video 1 – Ultra Running Stages:

Video 2 – Ultra Running Aids and Their Effect on Recovery:

Video 3 – Ultra Running Specific Training Recommendations:

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