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Ultra-Running, Running Trails in Krabi, Thailand | CRANK101

Ultra-Running, Running Trails in Krabi, Thailand

There are few ultra-runners in Thailand, especially here in Krabi. Around “Thara Park” on the river there might be 30 guys running around a few times per week. Every now and then you’ll see kids running the streets with an adult following them on the motorbike. They’re not following them to protect them, or give them water, they’re following to make sure they run the whole time. Not kidding. They take Muay Thai and track training seriously. Poor kids…

Anyway, there are a couple of places to run where you can be somewhat safe from dogs. I’ll list some places below.

1. Thara Park. This is a flat, vertical-free park next to the river and close to Krabi Marina where some small yachts are moored. One big loop around the park on a paved trail is 1.25 kilometers. It has sun during a portion of the running loop and it doesn’t cool off until after 5:30 pm. Then it gets dark quickly – around 6:30. You can run until 7 pm safely. I wouldn’t go too much after that time. It is possible to run on the grass beside the paved path, and that’s what I do for a good portion of my runs there. I abhor the hard surfaces. Too hard on my knees. There are a couple of dogs roaming around here. I’ve only been growled at a couple of times in six years, not chased.

2. Ngorn Nak Mountain Trail. This is located out past Ao Nang Beaches, past Noppharat Thara Beach. Into Tub Kaek. Look up “The Tub Kaek” hotel or the Sofitel hotel on the Klong Muang Beach. You’re getting close. This is a 7.4 kilometer round trip up a 500 meter high mountain. It’s a technical trail. If you’re walking fast, it won’t be that difficult. If you intend to run fast – you’ll better be watching every step or you’ll torque an ankle in no time. The canopy is dense, you get little sun as you run, so that’s a positive.

3. Ao Nang Beach Road. This is a couple of kilometer road along the beach, along “Big Beach” with a sidewalk. You will occasionally encounter dogs, but most are cool with foreigners because there are always a couple thousand walking around. Some of this run can be in the shade of trees and not that hot.

That’s about it. There are other places I run, but I’ve been chased by dogs and had to fend them off. Not fun!

Keep in mind that daily temperatures in Krabi are 30C+, and many days 35C+. Bring water, lots of water. I always run with a bottle in my hand to make sure I’m drinking enough and regularly.

If you’re looking for someone to run with, zap me an email and see if I’m due for a run. I am not fast on the flat, but quick on the climbs and downhills.

There may be another mountain trail climb of some distance (15 km) not too far from Krabi Town. I have to suss it out. I’ll add it here when I do.


9 thoughts on “Ultra-Running, Running Trails in Krabi, Thailand

  • at 3:21 am

    Not sure if you are still getting out in the trails but I am in Krabi from 20th October. I am a keen runner so it would be cool to be shown a few places if you are out

    • at 7:37 am

      Had a great run today, thanks for meeting up!

  • at 3:48 pm


    I’m on holiday in krabi for a week from Friday. If you free for a run that would be great!!!


    • at 11:12 am

      I’d like to, believe me… but still recovering from a broke back. Lol. Sacroiliac sprain. Still a lot of pain when trying to run. Climbed a mountain (steps) yesterday, and not too bad. Will probably be another month or more before I can run at all. Cheers for the invite. If you want a place to go – just leave me a comment or send me a note here: Contact.

        • at 4:01 am

          I’ve had a bad back issue that has plagued me. I walk fast, that’s about it. Sorry bud!

  • at 3:49 pm


    I would like to resume running and I am in for a a good pair of support shoes (for neutral/mild pronators). Is there any good shop you could recommend in Krabi or anywhere else not too far from place (Koh Lanta)?

  • at 4:39 am

    Hey there! I’ll be in Krabi next week and would love to go for a good run. Let me know if you’re free.


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