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What are Life’s Most Important 8 Questions?

Waihee ridge hike, Oahu, Hawaii.Since I don’t have answers I’ll ask questions. What are life’s most important questions? There are many questions that we should contemplate during life because questions help guide us and put us on a path to doing something. After all, we should be doing something during life right? I don’t know – that’s one of the questions.

Life’s Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself:

Where did you come from? You could, realistically, spend the rest of your life on this one. It’s more esoteric and you’re likely not going to come up with a satisfactory answer. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask yourself the question anyway! Maybe you WILL come up with an answer that satisfies you.

Were there any special circumstances leading to your birth? I’m not talking about the sexual act itself, I mean along the lines of fate, providence, some plan, some reincarnation type reason for your birth taking place as it did with the parents you were born to.

Is there a point to life, and what is it? Meaning, is there something you need to attain – to reach, in order that life be realized to it’s fullest. Or, is life like a song – the point of life is that every second of everyday you’re living it and doing the best you can – or maybe just realizing it’s there. There’s no goal in a song – there’s no endpoint to be reached, nothing to be accomplished. The song itself is the goal. The enjoyment one feels while listening to a song is the point itself. Is life like that? Or, is life’s point to reach some goal?

What are the activities in life that are worth doing? We can pick any number – millions of things we could do each day, things we could focus on. We’ve got 16 hours to do something with. But what? What of them are “worth doing”? Are they all worth doing? Is life an experiment – we should try everything possible – rack up new experiences? Is life to be reduced to only a couple things worth doing – helping other people through it, and eating and drinking and trying to make the best of it? What role should sleep play? As big a role as possible? What about play? Fun? Joking? Laughing? Eating? Swearing? Physical fitness? Having sex? Thinking about life’s most important questions?

What’s next? If we had any idea what was next that would quickly define for each of us what life meant. Unfortunately, we don’t have any clue about what’s next. Some choose to believe books and what others told them. Some have religious experiences that makes it all clear to them. The majority of us – if we’re honest and face reality, though it’s tough to do so, don’t have a clue what comes next. That being the case we are left to ponder – what is the point of life. Could be anything since we don’t know what’s next – right? If nothing is next – just nothingness, then this life means nothing and the next step too – means nothing. If there is a stronger test of morality or goodness or something that comes next then this life might be seen as a testing ground, a practice for what’s next. If there is mayhem and orgies next then this world might be seen as something we should take seriously. If seriousness is next, then this life maybe should be dedicated to triviality.

Is anything out there smarter than ourselves? Is there someone to answer to after this life? During this life?

If life is ours – can we dictate what happens to it – the length of it? So many people believe suicide is completely wrong – but why? It’s our life. If we don’t see something worthwhile, if we don’t see some point – why continue it?

Boy jumping from rock into stream, Koh Samui, Thailand.Who am I? Who, why, what am I? All these questions come out of the “who” am I question. Am I someone important? Am I a blip in the population of humans on the earth? Is anything I do of any real consequence in the world? Or, is it of any consequence later? If I do good now, is there some payback later? Is there some punishment for living a life full of choice one knows inside are foolish, selfish, and that harm others?

Am I more than a body with a guidance center (mind)? Am I more than the sum of my physical parts? Is there something not physical here? Something outside the 3-dimensions our body dwells in? Is sleep another dimension? Does it matter? Is there something inside each of us that continues after death? Does it matter? Is there a universal consciousness to which we all belong to and which we blend with after death? Can we access that now?

Is life a dream that we can only wake up from at death? Is death the beginning of a new dream? Is dreaming a peek at death?

So many questions once the mind starts looking at the basic, Who am I question.

Anymore questions you can think of that we should be asking ourselves?

Best of Life!


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