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What was the MOST FUN you’ve EVER had in your LIFE?

What was the most fun you’ve ever had in your life? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I just did. I’ve never asked my self – well, not true. I think I’ve asked it but it remained unanswered.

First, I’ll define ‘fun’. I don’t mean funny. I have laid on the floor laughing so hard I soaked my pants through as a child laughing with my sister and brother. That’s not fun. That’s funny.

Fun is not laughing as much as it is just enjoying the experience – being totally lost in the experience and enjoying it at the highest level.

Immediately something popped into mind for me as I wrote the sentence above. During meditation (just focusing on the breath) in the first few what Buddhists call “jhana levels” there’s an experience of bliss that is as if you are in heaven. Is it fun – yes, I guess so. It’s more like the best feeling that I’ve ever had in my life. It was pure love, bliss, ecstasy. No, fun is different. Hmm, how to define fun? Maybe best to explain in terms of different experiences.

Experiencing something new is fun. It’s an enjoyable experience. Pleasant. You might smile, but the overriding feeling is that you are experiencing something that is awesome – you might catch yourself and say – this is something I never want to forget. This is the MOST FUN I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. Yah, you might even say that because it’s almost as if you’re in a dream and you catch yourself having the most fun you’ve ever had. You want to remember it because you realize – this will likely never happen again – it’s amazing. It’s awesome. Spellbinding fun.

If the fun is elusive – maybe it’s more fun, you know? If you can’t just wake up and do it everyday then maybe the experience is more fun while you’re going through it. Yes, I think so.

Maybe having the most FUN means you know you are experiencing living life at the peak experience possible – in terms of what fun IS to you. If your idea of fun is jumping out of airplanes with a parachute and things that involve danger then bungy jumping might appeal to you – since you don’t have a parachute – it’s the next level… or another level.

For me that would be my idea of terror. I’d do it – but, ‘fun’ it would not be, as much as exhilarating and death-defying.

If your idea of fun is to be grossed out then covering yourself with greasy half-cooked ground meet and laying in the woods face down for 8 hours might appeal to you. You’d have all manners of insects and maybe beasts crawling over you, licking the grease off you.

For me, fun isn’t gross either.

The most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life was:

My first SongKran Water Throwing Festival (Thailand New Years) in Thailand. I’ve already written a detailed description of what I did during SongKran at one of my other blogs.

To give you a short description here… The entire country of Thailand celebrates New Years (this year is 2551) on April 13-15 of every year. The way they celebrate makes it the most fun I’ve ever had in my life

Songkran Water Throwing FestivalOn the morning of the 13th Thai people start getting ready for the 3-day festivities. They wear clothes that can get soaking wet and stay wet all day. They put together a waterproof bag they can hold money, keys, phone and cameras in. They check their squirt guns, water-buckets, hoses, PVC squirt tubes (now illegal, but still sometimes used) and other water tools to make sure things are working.

The kids are probably already outside at 7:30-8am throwing water at whatever moves. That’s SongKran. Everyone throws water at everyone else for 3-days. Kids, parents, teens, grandparents, everyone throws water from morning until early evening when it’s supposed to stop – but there are still people throwing at 9pm in most areas.

Throwing water is one part of the tradition. The other is just as fun. People walk up to strangers and rub baby powder on their cheeks and say something like, “Happy New Year” or, “Good Luck to You!” or something like that. Of course it’s a great way to meet strangers. Drop dead gorgeous, beautiful strangers! Ha! Also a way to meet ladyboys (guys that cross-dress) and gay men that want to rub my face or give me a kiss (no lie).

Songkran Thai New Years!For me it was the most fun I’ve ever had because I was throwing water at people I’d never met. Nobody got angry. Nobody got too crazy and hurt anyone else while throwing water like might happen in the USA. Everyone was a target – police included. Many adults drink during the festival and dance in the streets to loud speaker systems playing dancing music – both Thai and popular dance-club songs from abroad.

It’s the hottest time of the Thai year during Songkran so the cool water is welcome. Some people put ice in their water to make it really cold! After 10 hours of throwing water my first day I was so happy. I had more fun than I could have imagined.

So, picture this – a huge water throwing party the entire country is taking part in. Nobody gets mad. Nobody even gets a little bit angry. Everyone is smiling, laughing, dancing, throwing water, rubbing powder on strangers’ faces and having the most fun they ever had in their lives.

Tell me about the most fun you’ve ever had in your life!

Best of Life!


One thought on “What was the MOST FUN you’ve EVER had in your LIFE?

  • at 8:19 am

    THE most fun I’ve ever had is always something ‘somewhat recent,’ that may have been ‘just as fun’ as a previous experience, but because it’s more recent, it then counts as the most fun, due to both the newness/freshness of the memory and because it drives me to repeat the experience.

    So, in my case – the most fun was….

    … my last hike with a Maui hiking group – the 13 crossings hike , during my last trip to the island.
    It was so amazing, that it fully convinced me to move to Maui asap – and, since then, I have been seriously planning my move, and trying to figure out how to get there asap –

    However, this ‘most fun,’ experience has also made many of my days since my return from Maui ‘not a lot of fun,’ because my mind is still back there, and I am not yet back there…

    Still, just realizing all of this, due to your question, has made me realize that I need to stay focused on my goal, and make it more fun for myself…this process of moving to an island…

    Thanks for the question – it really did help me understand that I can make some things more fun for myself, even things that seem frustrating…As long as the ultimate goal is kept in mind, I can relive the fun…with the expectation of truly reliving it again and again 🙂


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