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When Is the Suunto Ambit4 Release Date?

WHEN is the next Suunto Ambit – the Ambit4 – release date?

The official Suunto website is publishing “Last Minute Deals” on Suunto Ambit2 watches from the middle of this month.

Does that mean the Suunto Ambit4 GPS Sports Watches are to be released any day now?

There has been no date published from what I can find ANYWHERE online. There is speculation about the new Ambits HERE, but nothing definitive yet.

One thing is for sure, there is little agreement on the myriad options Suunto could choose to add to this new watch. There are dozens of ways it could go – and it will come down to a judgement call that best aligns with what people who have been buying their watches all along – want this time.

Personally, I’d like a number of changes. By far the biggest and most meaningful changes to implement with the new Ambit4 line would be:

  1. A bigger display so I can actually read the data while I’m running.
  2. Better contrast display – again, so I can actually read it while I’m running.
  3. Longer battery life. Like double. Add another compartment to the top of the watch like the GPS on the bottom, and fill it with battery and we’re good to go.

What are the ESSENTIAL AMBIT4 CHANGES you want to see in the next iteration?

List ’em in the comments!

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