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Women Ultra Runners - Victoria Arnstein | CRANK101

Women Ultra Runners – Victoria Arnstein

This video blew me away. I’d been watching Michael Arnstein, that’s Vicky’s husband, run ultra running races for a few months and really getting into the whole idea of eating more fruit than I did, and I was eating a lot already. Some days I eat just fruit now and it’s quite a nice way to go through the day. Anyway, Michael’s site is:, and I highly recommend it, and all of his Youtube videos:

I found this video of his wife running her first ultra-marathon. Fifty MILES of ultra running. I was absolutely blown away. I didn’t really know that she was a runner, so that’s what really got me. But still, they have three young kids and I had just never thought of her as someone that would be into attempting ultra long runs. So, with that in mind, watch the video below. She is so inspiring…

Here’s what she wrote in the description at Youtube:

Here’s my experience running 50 miles in a new personal best.Victoria Arnstein here, and I want to say how nice it was for my husband Michael Arnstein aka, The Fruitarian to put this whole video together for me. He spent a lot of time on it and it shows. He also gave me lots of support after he came he finished the race in 3rd. I was happy to have him there. I was also running on a couple of stress fractures and didn’t even know it in my left pelvis and my right ankle with tendinitis in my paraneal.. I would have to say my Vermont 100k was exciting, but this 50 miler was tougher in a way bc I ran faster against great ultra veterans. It was some race..Tussey Mt Back was so beautiful as well. Run like a Mother..Mothers are tough when we have to be!

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